Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

UGH!!!!! I am sick of running in the snowy, icy, slushy winter! On Tuesday, I slipped and fell. Fortunately, I roll/fell onto my back and didn't cause any damage to myself, just my ego. My pace is hindered by all of the ice and slush. Four miles takes me 40 minutes right now! Yesterday, Jacob and I went out on a run and it ended up just being frustrating. It wasn't too cold out, thankfully, but the conditions were so poor. We did a long run, time wise, but we probably only covered six miles. And much of the route we planned had to be abandoned because the streets were so bad. It's like the city of Asheville is still in the 1940's and doesn't know how to scrape and clear the streets. We had to run in the middle of the road and compete with cars (they always win!). It has the unfortunate effect of taking away the stress relief aspect of exercise. I feel like we got a good run, but I was more irritated when it ended. So, today I stayed in the neighborhood, again. And while I have the streets that are okay for running down, it is boring and it is hard to go much more than four miles without having to make laps. And I hate laps. The cemetery ends up being the easiest place to run, oddly enough. And I don't think my last two days are going to be any better. Perhaps by Friday (which is supposed to be in the 50's) the roads and sidewalks will be clear enough for me to do a good run that I can enjoy all around! And then I will have to think long and hard about running outside in the "winter wonderland" in the future. Damn, it is amazing how quickly a year can pass.... it's almost crazy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Running in Nashville, TN yesterday on Christmas, puts my total number of states up to six! And today, makes day 360. And it was a doozie! After driving back from Nashville, we arrived to 24 degree weather with 6 inches of snow on the ground, or maybe even 8! In Asheville, as I've discussed before, no one shovels their walkways. The streets were icy and hard to navigate. The wind kept gusting and throwing sharp snow flakes in my face, in short a VERY unpleasant run. And I expect tomorrow will be no better. But Tuesday, the sun should come out and the weather warm, so maybe Tuesday will be easier to run more than 4 miles. Today, it was so hard to run, I only did three and only almost busted my ass about five times. It looks like it might be another winter like the last one... which stinks... but I think I can handle it. And I think I'm just going to keep running after the New Year starts. I might just keep going to see how many consecutive days I can run. It's not the same goal as I have/had for this past year, but I might just continue and see where it gets me... day 380? 400? I don't know, I guess I'll just try and see what I get.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let the sunshine in!

Thank God for a bit of sunshine! It has been pretty gray and crappy for the last few days, and it wears on me. Today was sunny and a touch warmer (almost 45!) and Mauri and I ran up Sunset. It's such a fun challenging run. And Mauri, who is recently divorced, has entertaining dating stories to regale me with as we run, so time passes quickly. The weather should hold for the next few days and then maybe some more rain/snow... yuck, but who doesn't love a White Christmas, eh?

I've been trying to think of some ceremonious way to wrap up the year and haven't really come up with anything yet. Someone suggested I make t-shirts, or get a massage (which I plan on doing tomorrow and then again at the turn of the year). But I think I might like to do a big group run on that final day with as many people as I can get to go with me. Get all the folks who ran with me some this year or those who were supportive and Friday, December 31st, go out for a fun 5 maybe 6 mile run. That would be cool. We'll have to see if I can get it together or not or how many people will be around and can make it... 2010 is coming to a close... crazy how time flies...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

day 350, 14 days to go

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.... it has been 11 days since my last confession... I mean, blog. Oh, yeah, I'm not Catholic. But I feel guilty nonetheless. When I set out to do this challenge for the year, I intended on blogging on a daily, if not more regular, basis. And, well... I have really fallen off on that aspect. I allotted myself time to run each day, but I never quite got it down to either blog directly after or first thing in the morning or something that would have helped me blog daily. And, so I feel guilty. Like I have let you down, my six faithful readers (assuming you are even there anymore...I know one is...). As I round the corner on this final two weeks of the year, I do wish I had been more disciplined in the writing about my progress. It's very like me to somewhat half-ass my way through. At least I have run everyday! And I did do four races this year also. I don't think I maintained one long run each week, but pretty close.

For the last eleven days, my running has been pretty decent. I ran in CT with my friends brother and he is 6'3" so he has a fast pace that I was able to keep without much problem. We did 5.5 miles the first day and then, in torrential rain, we ran 4.5 miles. I really didn't think Connecticut would be hilly, but it was! There were some really tough long ones, as a matter of fact. Then I got in one more run in Central Park. It was only three miles long since my boys were chomping at the bit to get their "tourist" on. But Central Park is still a great place to run. On the return from our trip, Asheville was a balmy 18 degrees, felt like 2. It was bitter and painful. But Jacob got me some new gear... a new "Ninja Suit". So that was nice. It was so cold that I felt like I was hyperventilating while running. I had on lots of layers, but it was still cold. Mother Nature is not going to let me off easy here at the end of the year! Then Jacob and I did a little shy of 5 miles yesterday when it was a little warmer... 24 degrees. Oddly enough those 5-6 degrees did make a difference. The problem was that the sidewalks are all covered in ice. I remember complaining about that at the beginning of this year. Apparently shoveling your sidewalk is optional in Asheville. Today, though, I must say did feel downright warm! It was 44 degrees when I went out running. The rain and warmer weather melted most of the ice off the sidewalks and it was fortunately not raining. I could really benefit from seeing the sun, however. But, I have zero control over that, so I might as well make the most of it... somehow. And in two weeks, if it's 20 degrees outside, I can make the choice not to run outside or not to run at all. I might look into some Bikram yoga, or a spin class or something else for the duration of the winter. I doubt I will give up running outside entirely...but you never can tell!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

chapped hide

I am seriously grumpy about this bleeping cold weather! My face is chapped, my lips are chapped, my hands are dry... and it isn't even technically winter yet. I haven't quite got my mind around dressing appropriately for the weather either. I just don't want to have to put on the ninja suit already. I'm just not willing to accept it!!!! I had a good run on Friday due to the weather not being to bitter and partially sunny, but otherwise it has been miserable, miserable, miserable. I am particularly grumpy today because of sleet and rain and gray, gray, gray. Yuck. On a more positive note, I ran with my friend's 14 year old daughter in her first foot race. It was really sweet. She did awesome. We ran 8 minute miles, even up the hills, and she kept up really well the entire run. In fact, if she were to do just a little training, I think she will be quite a runner and certainly faster than me. It was a lot of fun getting to experience something like that with a first timer. Her parents were there to cheer her on... and then we were done and the sleet started... which is better than starting before the run. Tomorrow I am supposed to run up Sunset with Mauri and it is supposed to snow. SNOW DAMMIT!!! We are going to run it anyway. At day 339, why the F not?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The inevitable has happened

Cold has returned to Asheville. Not just cold, but cold and rainy. Yuck. I have been very spoiled in the early and late part of the fall, and now I have to face mean, harsh reality. Actually, Saturday wasn't too bad. It was cold, but it was partly sunny and only a little windy. I went running with the boys, to try and encourage them to exercise as well. Dallas ran a mile and Atticus rode his bike two. It was pretty cute and eye opening. Those boys definitely need to be running around a little bit more! Then after they were done with their part, Jacob and I did a quick 3.5 mile run since work and life were starting to call. Sunday, again not so bad, cool and partly cloudy but lots of wind. I only did four miles and was feeling pretty lack luster. I realize that when I am menstruating my muscles are less full of life and my energy level lags. I'll chalk it up to another day down. Monday was gray all day and cold and windy and just generally yucky. I went out for my five mile run as soon as I got done with work. One really good thing I have gained from this year is to go out and run AS SOON AS an opportunity presents itself. If I wait until later, it may be less convenient, the weather could be worse, my children might be requiring something, etc. It was cold and rainy and pleasantly quiet on the streets. People tend to stay in when the weather is bad, so it was peaceful, traffic was moving slowly. I won't say it was nice, but it definitely improved my mood and I was happy to take a hot shower when I was done. Today, however, was just down right blah. I again grabbed my opportunity right after pilates. It was raining pretty hard and was cold. My shoes got soaked, as did I, and then my feet were cold and so were my hands. I only did four miles since after pilates my legs are frequently sore and tired.... oh, yes and the weather was terribly unpleasant. Any other year I would not go running on a day like today, but not this year. And I actually think it is better for me to be out in the muck for lifting my spirits and helping me acclimate to the season. Because like it or not, winter is on it's way!

Friday, November 26, 2010

35 days to go!

I have had a pretty good run of runs the last few days. On Sunday, I ran up Sunset, which was beautiful. It is an 8.5 mile run, up hill for the first 3 miles, and I absolutely kicked it's ass! I was really surprised with how not tired and sore I felt for the rest of the day. It wasn't like I'd even worked that hard. Normally after running up Sunset, I am totally beat. But not now... Monday I kicked Melissa's ass on a run. She was doing pretty well for the first 2 miles, but the second two she got pretty far behind me and I kept having to circle back and meet up with her. It was still fun to run with a friend. Then Tuesday, after pilates, I did my five mile route as quickly as I could to get an idea how fast I could run the gallop and gorge on Thanksgiving day. I forgot to bring a watch and forgot to check the time before I left, so it was difficult to tell, but I was able to push myself pretty hard the whole run and felt good at the end. Wednesday, just did a light and easy four miles. Stayed up late partying with my cousins, being a little overconfident in my abilities to run, and so I was tired on Thursday morning. The race started at 8 am, which seems silly to me to start so early on Thanksgiving. I mean why not start at 9 or 10, right? I was tired and not really looking forward to running 7 minute miles. Jacob and I were going to try and finish it in 35 minutes, that was the plan. Needless to say, I let Jacob follow through with that plan and I ran with my cousins at 8 minute miles, which is really pretty good considering I normally run 9 to 9.15 minute miles. I finished in 40 minutes, and was really glad it was over and on to the "gorging" part of the day. Again, we stayed up late partying with my aunts and uncles and cousins and the mayor. We had to leave Chapel Hill at 6:30 this morning to get to work and the bed we sleep on is not very comfortable, so I'm a little cranky today. When I got home this afternoon after work, it was cold and gray, and as I've mentioned before I don't always like running on Friday afternoons... all this to say it took A LOT of motivation to get me out the door! Fortunately, the boys wanted me to drop them off at the theater and I knew that was the best chance to go... and so, I did.... really, really wishing I could take a day off! But, I can't... yet. I ran a really slow, pretty lame 5k in the 'hood. It wasn't exactly fun, but it is over now. Tomorrow I'll be more rested and it will be easier to run, I think. Either way 35 days left to go!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keep on running?

I went back to NYC on Monday (319) for a wine tasting. It was basically like flying in for lunch, but I didn't pay for it, so why not? We had to get up at 5 am, out of the house by 5:30 and to Charlotte by 7:30. On the plane and then meet for lunch. I knew trying to run today was going to be tough. At first I thought I would rise at 4 am and go... but I should know better about myself than that at this point. We got to the city by 10:45 and lunch was looking like it was not going to start until 1:00 or so... so we rode to the hotel hoping for an early check in (which we got). We put our running gear on and run up the Hudson River Greenway. I need to mention that we had not had much to eat during all of our travels (Jacob and I) and our bellies were VERY VERY empty after that run. We did just three miles (since we didn't know how delayed lunch would be). We showered up and got out of the hotel and into a cab with about 20 minutes to spare. We arrived at the restaurant on time. We were ready for the big lunch, excuse me, HUGE LUNCH we had been promised with our wine tasting... only to have the opposite happen. Our wonderful host, a big wine distributor in the city, wanted us to try all 35 wines BEFORE eating a thing. You know, so as not to "disturb" our palates. Well, no matter how little wine you swallow, how much you spit, if you have eaten NOTHING since 5 am and run three miles and it is 2:30 in the afternoon, you will be drunk and feel like shit. It is unequivocally true. So, we were drunk and starving. We spent the rest of that day trying to find enough food to soak up the alcohol. We ate some pretty good stuff in NYC, but unfortunately a hamburger or hot dog would have done better and then a romp in the hay and bed. So, for next time... we know better. On Tuesday, we got up pretty early and were surprisingly not hung over. We got some bagels and coffee and took a short walk. Then we decided to get our run over with so we could eat and eat and eat and eat and make up for the previous day. This time we ran South on the Greenway, which is just a fun and easy place to run. If I had to do it everyday, I would get bored, but for a couple of days, it was nice. We ran just a touch over four miles. Went to the hotel showered and got down to the business of eating. And we definitely made up for time lost the day before. I won't go into all of the details, but we had some amazing Iberion pig ham (some tapas place in the Lower East Side) and pulled and cut to order organic noodles in a soup bowl (at Hung Ry in NoHO) that were so amazing, I can't wait to go again! And then, we had to come home.

So, running at home again... Wednesday (321) did four miles... nothing exciting to report. I was happy to be done with it and even happier to hit my pillow that night...Oh, wait... I had to have a big fight with my husband... which helped fuel my run today... if only we could run away from fights, I'd be in good standing. I hardly had anytime tonight, so I just planned on doing the 5k, but I was so distracted and had so much on my mind, I just kept going. Ended up doing my five mile route since it is so ingrained in my mind and body. It was nice, but my life was here to smack me in the face (children fighting, avoiding their homework, house a mess, employee schedules needed to be made, employee's drama needing to be attended to, many bills to pay, a possible 20K tax bill, a loan modification that isn't working, and oh, that fight with my husband that still needs addressing). Shit. Maybe I should have gone Forrest Gump on the day and kept on running. Running and running and running. What a pleasant thought.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

315 days, five states

New York was wonderful! I had a great time with my friends. And running in Central Park was awesome. It is so full of people running, walking, cycling. It's a fun change of pace. I ran on Friday (309) in the park around the boathouse and another inner loop. Just running and sight seeing. And the NYC marathon was in two days, so I was running with all these folks who were training, speaking different languages, the whole awesome NY experience. Then the second day in NY (310), I ran the long outer route. And played my favorite park game... see who I can catch. I find someone in front of me and catch them and then I catch the next person and the next. So on and so forth. Well, in Central Park on marathon weekend, that is quite a challenge! I was able to catch a lot of women and a few men, but there were definitely plenty I could not catch. It was a fun run and running by women who look like they need to eat a sandwich (or 40) is always satisfying. So on Sunday, we went to Stamford and I got to run in this really cool park reserve of sorts. I ran on some pretty technical trails, which I have mostly avoided doing at this point to avoid ankle twisting. So, my pace was slowed and I ran about 4.2 miles and kept my accommodating travelers waiting perhaps longer than they would have liked. But, it was good and then we went and had an excellent lunch followed by cheese and port. I was in heaven! Being in Connecticut makes it five states that I have been in this year. NC, SC, GA, NY and CT. Pretty neat.

We had to leave NY, unfortunately, but c'est la vie. So back at home... Monday after an EARLY flight, I did just 3.2 miles. My pace was fine and the weather was even finer! Tuesday, a run with Mauri, who is just so funny that it's easy to run with her. We did 4.5 miles and then I went straight to pilates. Wednesday (314) did my favorite N. Asheville route, and again the weather was amazing. And now, day 315 finished four miles in 35 minutes. The weather again is unseasonably warm and AWESOME! I know I am getting spoiled. But with 50 days to go I'm feeling rather buoyant about the whole affair. And sometimes surprised that it has been this many consecutive days. It's kind of crazy really.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

two months more to go

I'm a little too excited to blog at the moment. I'm heading to New York tomorrow for a long weekend with my girlfriends, and well, it is difficult to sit still. This worked well for my run this afternoon. It's sort of gray and cold outside (not really cold, about 60) but the kind of day where you want to be lazy... and normally I would want to be lazy, but I'm so pumped up for my trip running was a breeze. The leaves still have some color and makes the world feel brighter than it is. And 60 weather is a pretty perfect temperature for running. I don't overheat or drench myself in sweat. And with less than two months left to go, I am happy for the temperate days. Running in New York should be fun. We are staying not too far from Central Park, so I can run in the park, which is always nice. And then on Sunday, when we go to Stamford, I will get to run in the countryside. All in all, lots to be excited about!
And I feel pretty positive that this is going to be a mild winter. So, running outside will be a breeze! Hope does spring eternal, no?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 300, less than 65 to go!

I have been running my five mile route all week to see how long it takes me, depending on the day and how I feel. It's been somewhat interesting. Monday (298)I ran it the regular direction. Easy at the start, a little hilly in the middle, easy at the end. It took me 45 minutes. Tuesday (299), pilates day, I ran out of time to do the whole thing, since I decided to run before pilates, and could only do a 4.5 mile run. I did it in the opposite, more hilly, direction. It took me 42 minutes, less the 1/2 mile. Wednesday, day 300!!!! I went out in the more challenging direction and ended up shaving off the last quarter mile big hill. So... it took me 43 minutes, but I lamed out a little. Thursday, making only 63 days left to go, I did the route, again in the opposite direction to try to get a real time. It took me 48 minutes. I was a little surprised that my time was 3 minutes longer, but I am having PMS and I think that makes me feel a little sluggish. So, tomorrow, I'll try the normal way and see what I come up with.

I am feeling a little funny about counting down the year this way. It makes it feel like the year has flown by. And, I'm really looking forward to the year being over so I can take a day off. I started this as a healthy distraction from what I assumed was going to be a tough year, and the winter was. But the spring and summer and fall have all been really good. So, I didn't need the distraction. It's not as if it hurt me, but it sometimes feels silly. Maybe the winter months will prove that it's good I did it for a full year and not just a season or six months or what have you. I don't hope for that, but it is hard to say. The days lessening in light and the cool breezes in the air definitely have me fighting the winter dread (as well as my husband, who really gets affected by the season change). Running IS good for boosting the mood...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

If I could bottle it....

When you have a really good run... good energy throughout but feel worked at the end... weather nice (although not a necessity) the sense of euphoria is so wonderful and beneficial to the whole day. Unfortunately, it doesn't last as long as one might like and for me, at this point, I have to run 6 miles plus to get that feeling (most of the time). Sometimes I'm just so damn happy that I'm done with my run for the day (like last week when I was sick). But if I could bottle that sense of elation and pure energy, well...I'd be rich... and totally euphoric all the time... it would be nice...

I ran with a new person this week, which was fun. Mauri, who I have known for years, is a big fitness person but not a big runner (although she is six feet tall). We went out and kept a good pace for a quick four mile run (she is perpetually running behind so that was all the time we had). It was refreshing to run with someone new and Mauri just has such a bright and fun personality that the miles just flew by. If we had more time, I could have run for a long time with her, but she is not quite sure she is ready for that, but she's going to try next week.

I have 67 days left. I need new running shoes horribly, but I buy the most popular style and have the most average foot size... so hopefully they will be in next week. In the 297 consecutive days that I have run, my joints, hip and leg, have been doing really well. My feet, mostly, have as well (I did lose my left middle toenail and the right one is getting ready to go...). But when my running shoes are shot (which they are now) I can REALLY feel the difference. My left foot and knee start to bother me after about 2.5 miles and don't stop until I stop... good shoes are pretty darn important.

And again, I have to say, fall in Asheville is the most AMAZING time to run! Right now the world just looks on fire with the bright, beautiful colors of all the leaves. It is just so spectacular, I can't get over it (obvi, as all of my last few posts can attest). Now that I have run and cleaned my house, I am going to sit outside and enjoy another wonderful day in Asheville.

Monday, October 18, 2010

B.S. and shit

So... I had/have walking pneumonia. May explain why running has been so rough... but this close... waddaya do? but keep on running. This is where I am SO happy that three miles is the minimum, because at this point I can do three miles in my sleep. Which sometimes I wish I was. Anyway... Thursday (287) I had two cups of black tea in the late afternoon and TORE UP a five mile run. I mean, I had NO IDEA that black tea could have that effect. (I'm a little fired up this evening since I had to leave our restaurant early with my two exhausted children and make a "off the cuff" dinner while my husband and in laws dined at my place. And then, in this state, I emailed my BFF who hates me currently, so on fire...). Friday (288), sick, and I mean SICK again. Could barely run three miles. Same with Saturday. Sunday... a touch better. In laws back from dinner and have to go now... ciao.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

79 days to go....

Let's see... this week in running.... I'm not sure if I have mentioned it yet, but fall in Asheville is AMAZING! We had a little cooler weather over the weekend followed by some stunning, warm, bright, beautiful days. This is where, if you were not a runner/walker/exerciser you would have to be encouraged to GET OUT AND ENJOY! Anyhow, enough of my emoting about the weather. Saturday (282) the boys were out and about with friends and such so I took the opportunity to run (I've been getting really good at going running as soon as an opportunity presents itself). I went and did my five mile route in N. Asheville because I loooove getting to see how and when the leaves change, so staying on a consistent route gives me a really good opportunity. It was a fine run, but I noticed I was starting to feel a little puny again. I dosed myself with Vitamin C and echinacea and tried to take it easy. Sunday, I felt pretty awful. It's like the only way I seem to get sick, lack of energy, kinda crappy feeling but not all out bad. So, I just did an easy four mile run in the neighborhood (and even walked the big hill, shhh) I just kept going and finished, which was fine. But then later in the afternoon, I was done! I had to lie down and take a quick nap, which helped a little. Monday (284) was similar, except I took a nap before I ran, and that seemed to help. So, my four mile run on Monday was just a smidge more energetic (didn't walk the hill this time). Tuesday I was feeling a lot better and went on a long, hilly run with Jacob. He is always good for pushing me to run a little further and harder than I might otherwise. We ran for about an hour and did about 6.5 miles, again, they were very hilly. But we totally crushed some other runner up the big hill, it was pretty cool. So, today... I did my N. Asheville route backward, which makes it hilly in the beginning and end instead of the middle. It's nice to mix it up because coming from a different direction you notice different things about the trees and houses and such, or at least I do. I realized today, though, that with the time change coming up and the days being shorter and colder, it might just be a little more difficult to manage my time and my runs... but with 79 days left to go, I am certainly planning on figuring it out!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The shortest and longest three miles

So, running.... and running and running. The fall weather has made running easier. I can go pretty much at any time of day without much difficulty with either heat or cold. It makes running more convenient when temperature is not a big factor. But I do know that the last few days/weeks of my goal will probably not hold the same beneficial temperature. But I will just stay present. Let's see... I was sick last week, just a mild stomach thing with a real low grade temperature, but making myself get out of bed to run was VERY difficult. It was like many other runs, and once I was started, it was fine to keep going. I only did three miles, but it went by relatively quickly. In fact, it felt short. I don't know if it was because my head and body were somewhere else or what, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was back at my driveway and finished with day 274. However, when I stopped running my head immediately started spinning and I felt as if I might pass out. I had to sit down but then my stomach started turning and I had to get up and then I had to throw up and then I had to sit down again and then I felt hot as hell and had to try and strip off all of my clothes and then I got terribly chilled and had to find a blanket and then I had to use the bathroom (not to throw up but equally as unpleasant) and then I had to lie down and then I was so thirsty I couldn't stand it. And I went through the hot flash/cold flash/lie down/sit up thing for quite a bit. I didn't think I was going to be okay, in fact for a minute there I just wanted someone to club me over the head. Things started to calm down after a bit and I just stayed in bed for the rest of the day. I was a little afraid to run the next day, but I was feeling better and I did the neighborhood 5k and only felt slightly lightheaded and chilled afterward. Then I wasn't sick anymore and had a beautiful 5.5 mile run on Sunday (day 276). We went to Atlanta on day 277, I did pilates first and then ran four miles so I would have plenty of time to pack for our trip. In Atlanta, Jacob and I ran 4.5 miles to get our car that we had left at the restaurant. It is nice to run in another city. We ran through their botanical gardens and around this recreational park. And through a pretty nice neighborhood. The last mile wasn't as nice as it was in a very busy commercial part of town. But then we were at the car and drove it back to the hotel (having had a little much wine for driving the night before). The second night in Atlanta, we went to another concert. That show did not start until 11:40 and went until almost 1 am. We got back to the hotel and got to bed about 1:30. We had to get up at 6 to drive back and get to work. And let me just tell you that I DO NOT function very well on less than 7 hours sleep. I felt like I was sleep walking all day and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. But I couldn't. The boys had drum lessons and football games and there was shit to do. oh, and I had to run. And that brings me to the longest three miles I can remember running. Day 280, I ran so slow and so aimlessly that I wasn't really sure if I was going to finish. The run felt interminable. And all I was was tired, really tired. The run only took me 35 minutes but it felt like an hour. I was sooooo happy when I got in my bed that night. And now I'm back to just enjoying this beautiful, and I mean beautiful, Asheville fall weather. I had a great run yesterday, day 281, 5 miles. And I plan on a great run today and maybe even a long run tomorrow. I love fall in Asheville!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

half marathon and less than 100 days!

So, I ran the half marathon last weekend, on day 261. It was a beautiful morning and I had a running buddy, but it was a tough course! I was a little scared leading up to it. I had not really run more than 8.5 miles most of the year. And most days, I have been staying right at 5-6 miles. Also, I usually take four days off before a race day, and with my goal for this year, that wasn't possible. I also REALLY wanted to beat my last half marathon time (2.08) and was hoping to be right at 2 hours. So, there was a lot going into it that I had to overcome, at least in my mind. I also knew if I didn't do it, I would be mad at myself. So, I made the decision on the Monday of that week. I ran regular runs (4.8 on Monday and 5.5 on Tuesday) but then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I ran the neighborhood 5k really slowly and really easily. It was quite boring, but I was trying to build up some reserves. I ate a gigantic bowl of pasta the night before and went to bed early. The race was to start at 7:30 (yuck!). I couldn't sleep very well. I was all anxious and I kept thinking my alarm wasn't going to go off and I would over sleep... it wasn't so great. I did get up in time to have a little coffee (being a severe addict!) and take care of business and the like. I met Harlan, my running buddy, at a few minutes after 7. We jogged about a quarter mile up to the race start line and waited, with all 1500 other half marathon runners. That waiting in a huge group before the race starts is my least favorite part. You just wanna go already. While we were waiting, there was a lot of talk about how hilly and hard this course was. There was particular mention of the worst, longest hill being near the end of the race. I should have tried to shut them out. Running is such a mind game, and I was determined to kill this run. And I was for the first 8.5 miles. I was feeling great and keeping an awesome pace, close to 8.75 minute miles. I
felt like I could run like this all day. Then we headed up behind UNCA, an area I am vaguely familiar with from riding my bike back there... and it was then that I realized what hill we had to go up. And unfortunately, I let my mind have too much control over that. I was dreading the hill! It went up and up and curved and you could see runners way up top and could tell it just kept going and going, ugh. So, my time decreased dramatically and I had a VERY hard time keeping myself moving on that hill. It was almost a mile long. When I got to the top I had to use the bathroom and there was a port a potty, and a line of women, of course. Fortunately, no one wanted to take their time so the line moved fast, but still it cut down on my time. So, I finished the worse hill and felt worse for the wear. It was at that point that I really started to struggle and had to count my steps and try to stay focused. I managed to finish the run, even though at a few points I wanted to quit. My time was 2 hours and 2 minutes. I am happy that I beat my last time, but bummed that I didn't finish as well as I started. But, it will give me a goal for next year. Sunday, after the race, well let's just say it was a pretty ugly run. It wasn't as hard to go as I would have thought, but it didn't feel so great, until after. I think it was helpful to my body to have worked out my muscles. My two middle toes are bruised, I may end up losing the toenails on them, I'm not really sure why. I guess from the downhill? Anyhow, the rest of the week I've done some easy, fun runs. Tomorrow I will do a nice 6 miler... and then go and attack the hill that took me down next week.... oh, and I have 96 days left to go! Awesome!

Friday, September 3, 2010

119 days to go!

I really wish I would run on Friday mornings instead of wait until the afternoon. It's just not always possible. But there is something about Friday afternoons where I just want to kick off my shoes after work and chill... but I can't if I didn't run earlier in the day. The cooler evening air has been a god send and I have been really enjoying running around 5:30 or 6:00. Earlier in the week, I did a fun 45 minute run with Jacob that kicked my butt. Then I ran a six miler up into N. Asheville in the early evening that was divine (day 244). Some of the leaves are starting to change and you can feel the imminence of fall, my favorite season. I also am getting closer and closer to my goal. I am proud of myself and somewhat surprised that I've kept with it. I was sure there would be something that would come up that I could use as an excuse to stop, but so far... nothing (knock on wood!). So, today, Friday (day 246), I had one of those opportunities to go running without leaving my kids unattended (which I prefer) and so I took it. It was probably good I had that motivation because I really wanted to sit on my porch with a cocktail and do nothing. But now that my five mile run is done, I can do just that. And it is sort of funny how quickly the year is going...I'm almost surprised it's almost fall. Crazy.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

computer glitches and running bitches

My computer was attacked by a nasty virus (thank you, children!). So, I was without my computer for two weeks. It worked intermittently but only enough for me to do any work I had to do or answer emails, and that, just barely. Now, though, I do believe that things are worked out (thank you, wonderful IT guy, Clint!) and I am back up and running (no, I did not stop physically running just my computer). So, during my technology hiatus, I kept notes on my handy-dandy clipboard that I use to try and keep my mind organized and my list of things to do in order (it doesn't always work). Here are the highlights: For one thing, I love writing things by hand. For whatever reason, actually writing, in script or print, is more satisfying to me than typing. I don't know why, I guess I am old school. Alright, so anyway... my birthday. Good day. Pilates. Excellent six mile run up toward Sunset (not all the way up because that is tough). Hour and a half massage... followed by tequila shots (this last part being a BAD idea). So, the next day... hung over, tired running... NOT fun... weather was pretty, did four pretty slow and sad miles... felt old. Then the next few days were filled with child centered, let's get ready for school activities, most of my runs were between four and a half and five and a half miles (the land of "comfortable" running I have apparently fallen in to). So, then one afternoon, we go to the pool (Tuesday, 8/24 day 236). I decided to run to the pool to meet everyone. I did the hilly helatious run up into the University and down and around UNCA, it was TOUGH. But so much fun. The best part was that I was actually really tired (the good, after exercising a bunch, tired). I changed into my bathing suit and just chilled for the rest of the afternoon, it was very pleasant. Then I had some 4.5 milers for the next few, mom and wife fun filled days. Then my loooong weekend descended upon me. I had to work a double on Friday (14 hours on my feet). I got up and ran early. Just did four miles because I knew I would be on my feet all day. Fine run, absolutely GORGEOUS morning!!! I mean Asheville this time of year is phenomenally wonderful. I know there are other gorgeous places in the world, but this is one I get to live in! So, then Saturday morning I had to wake up and open the coffee shop AND train new staff (which is tiring). I stayed up hanging with Jacob until 2am and then woke up at 6am. I was fine training my newbie and doing my work, etc. and then round about 2:30 I just started to fade. I was whooped! I mean whooped!!! Seriously. I felt like I had been up for days and days (I know, I'm a wimp). Anyhow, I tried to take a little catnap, my children thought otherwise, so I got up and decided I should try and get my run out of the way. Let me just tell you I do not remember a run being so hard. I know back in the winter when I had that head cold that it was pretty tough to run, but for some reason this seemed tougher (probably because the winter seems so far away). It took me twenty minutes, TWENTY MINUTES, of walking to even convince myself to run. And then it took me fifty minutes, FIFTY MINUTES, to run four miles, of a relatively flat route. During the run I was dreaming about falling and twisting my ankle, so I could stop. Or hitting my knee really hard so I could give up. Fortunately, I hate pain, so I did not cause any of these things to happen. In fact, I was so tired I ran extra cautiously (I mentioned it took me 50 minutes, right). That was day 240 and I kept having to remind myself that all I have left is 125 days. Today, it wasn't helping. Alright, I have to go now, but I will continue this "catch up" hopefully in the next few days. All I have to say is that day 240 currently sticks out in my mind as the worst. And I hope it stays that way!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

138 days to go...

Let's see... running.... I have had some really great days and some really, really sucky days. I am not entirely sure what will make one day better than the other. I do know that if I have worked a long, stressful day that my legs are pretty shot at the end, but the mind clearing is always nice. But those runs are usually so hard to get through. I had two of those day 223 and day 225. In between those two days wasn't so bad. I ran early in the morning on 224 since we had to pick Dallas up at the airport in the afternoon and it was nice and cool and my legs were not too stiff. But I've been feeling like I am running slower than usual, and my body is feeling all of it's 35 years (of which I will be tomorrow). It's been slightly discouraging. I have scheduled a long massage for my birthday and am hoping that will help my legs and feet feel better. Yesterday I ran with Jacob (day 226) and it was one of the first times I've actually beat him running. I was pushing the pace for almost the entire four mile run! It was pretty awesome. When we went to climb Zillicoa, he did beat me then, but still... I must be getting a little better if I am able to push Jacob!!! And today (day 227) I went and did five miles in a good pace (nothing too great due to the heat, I suspect) and then got home and had to go straight to work (putting out fires), which stunk, but at least I got in a good run. And so 35 rotations around the sun and 227 days into this 365 day project.... I'm getting there!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beach blood blisters

I was at the beach all last week, which is great for relaxation, not so great for running. The temperature was high and the humidity was too. So, I either had to run first thing in the morning or late, late, late in the evening. And then I had two choices: run on the flat, hot, BORING street, or run on the slanty, sandy, windy, difficult beach. Tough choices. The first day of the trip (214) I decided to run early in the morning (since we hadn't been partying too hard...yet) and run on the beach. The tide was out and the beach wasn't too crowded. I got to run on the flatest part of the beach since the tide was so low. I used an ipod, which is the first time that I have had music thus far this year, and it helped keep me paced well. I ran to the end of the inlet and then up toward the pier. I ran for 40 minutes and I'm guessing it was about 4.5 miles. Pretty nice run.

So the second day of the trip, Jacob wanted to run with me... in the evening. I was game since the first night we got a brief afternoon rain and the prevailing winds made for a cool, beautiful evening. Not so on the second night. It remained hot and muggy most all of the day. We set out at 7:00, which is about as late as we could go not to miss dinner. We decided to start on the street and then move to the beach. We ran 2.5 miles on the street and my left foot started feeling numb. (this was a great time for Jacob to start criticizing my running form!) So, when we got to the beach, I decided to run without shoes... ya know... just to give it a try. My feet felt great and the numbness subsided, but the tide was up and the beach was crowded, so we had to run where the beach was slanting to the left a bit. We ran 2.5 miles back on the It was pretty nice... but.... my left toe had a blood blister the entire back side. It was filling up with blood and sore. There were many Hill family theories on what I should do (pop it, cover it with neosporin and a band-aid, or do nothing), I chose to do nothing. (215)

The next day, Jacob convinced me to do an evening run again. (I thought it might give my toe a chance to recover a little). I didn't want to do five miles, so we tried 3.5. We ran about 1.75 miles on the street and 1.75 on the beach. My left foot was not feeling so great about 1/4 of the way down the beach, so I took off my shoes and ran, slightly leaning on the edge of my left foot. It was not the easiest run, but I did not pop or puncture my blood blister. In fact, I just added to it! It looked like it was spreading like a growth around the base of my big toe. Really pretty! (216)

My fourth day at the beach, I decided to run in the morning, on the road. I did barely 3.5 miles because my ankles were soooooo sore from running on the beach that I was in tears for a portion of my run and even had to stop a few times to stretch and loosen my ankles and take a little time to walk. It sucked and I was miserable! But then it was over and I could totally relax on the beach and keep my walking to a minimum. Oh, and drink beer for most of the day... lush that I am! (217)

My fifth (and final running day at the beach, thank god!) I decided not to run in the morning when my body felt stiff and tired, but wait until the evening. And that choice really paid off! It rained most of the day (which was a bummer since it was my last day to laze around on the beach). When I finally decided to go run (around 6:30) it was still overcast and cool. There was limited activity on the street and I had a really great run! I ran four miles, and waiting until the afternoon made it so my ankles were already less sore and my legs were more alive. It was a nice run and didn't feel boring. It was a good way to end my running time at the beach. But I must say I am VERY glad to be running again in my beautiful, hilly, cool town! (218)

So, back at home and loving to run in non-flat,non hot, non sandy conditions. We drove back, leaving very early in the morning, and unfortunately, my sister got sick. That slowed our drive time down a little. Then we got home and I had all this B.S. to do and needed to help take car of my niece while my sister worked on feeling better, so I didn't get out on my run until 8:00. I was already pretty tired from the early morning and the full day and was feeling slightly unmotivated... but my dad did happen to mention that I look like I've gained weight... so, I at least wanted to burn some calories... and decided to run wind sprints. It was pretty fun and a departure from what I normally do. I did only run for 1/2 hour but I definitely got my heart rate going and sweat a good bit. And I was very happy to see my pillow at the end of that day! (219)

and then Sunday came along (220). Being on vacation for 6 days means coming back home to utter and complete mayhem. I worked from the time I woke up, until I took a run, and wrote my blog. I went out at 7:30. Again, the weather was nice and cool. The end of the day light is so calming and lovely. I decided to run my old standard route, with a few sprints thrown in at key locations, and had another fun run. I did have to prod myself not to turn at a side street, thereby making my run shorter, but then I remembered that I have a few pounds to shed, and kept on course. My blood blister is not bothering me any more and now all I have to do is get myself back into running long distances... which may be a bit of a challenge... but while I should not take it so hard that my dad noticed my weight gain, I will definitely help use it as motivational tool. Lemons to lemonade... thanks dad!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I almost forgot...the routine!

Today is the first day that I actually almost forgot to go take a run (day 211)! It was like it just slipped my mind. I got home from work and I was tired and not feeling well. I had all this stuff to do to get ready for family to visit and then for traveling to the beach. I was cleaning, and paying bills and hanging out with Atticus. I was starting to think about what I should make for dinner, and then I remembered... I hadn't even been out to run yet! I guess it has become such a part of my routine that I sort of take it for granted. So, anyway, I went out at about 7:50 and had the absolute BEST run that I have had in a while. It was soooo nice out, the air was warm but not too humid. The neighborhood has that slight transitional hush of people moving from their work days into their down time. Traffic is slow and sparse. The lightening bugs were starting to come out and I had the most idyllic, relaxing, rejuvenating run. It reminded me what I love about running. I was able to run for 6 miles before the sun's setting made me feel like I should turn home. I really, really, really needed that kind of a run! And to think I almost forgot! I guess I would have gone at anytime that I remembered, but at 10:30 would've been really tough.

On day 209, I learned that if you go running right, and I mean right, after a thunderstorm has ended and before the sun comes out again fully, you can have an enjoyable, cool run. But the window is short. When I went out after the storm, I did five miles, and that last mile to mile and a half started to climb in temperature, and with the beauty of cool air that comes with the thunderstorm, the humidity kicks in fully! Small window.

Day 210 was pretty uneventful. I had to squeeze in a four miler quickly before having a "date" night with Atticus. A routine run... as many of them have been. Kind of like brushing your teeth every night or feeding the dogs every morning. Routine.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a running we will goooooo

Days 203 to 208:

HOT! HOT! HOT! I mean, seriously, hot. I have had to run earlier in the morning than I like to get moving, just to make it tolerable. I have pretty much stayed right at 4.5 miles most of these 90 degree days, because I just can't quite eek out any more than that in the heat. We went to the lake house again for the weekend and it was 101. 107 with heat index. It was beastly. But, at least after a straight, hot, boring four and a half miler I could hop in the lake and cool off. So, it was definitely bearable. Then, when we returned to Asheville, we had this great thunderstorm late in the afternoon that actually cooled things down, so it was only about 82 when I went out to run, the humidity was pretty high still, but better nonetheless. It was still cool this morning and I was up early anyway (the horn on our car decided it should indiscriminately honk for 45-60 seconds at a time, without any say so by the driver. We got up early this morning to take the car so that we wouldn't get stuck behind somebody at a light when the horn decided to go off and look like we were being gigantic assholes blaring on our horn for no apparent reason.) So, it was around 74 and partly cloudy this am and the run was nice. I did 5 miles. If I didn't have pilates I could have done more, but I have a standing appointment I have to make... and so the 200's are moving right along.... I'm really excited about the prospect of being in the 300's! Better not get ahead of myself...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweat stinks

Day 200!!!! I don't know why round numbers seem like such an accomplishment, but they do. I went and ran 6 miles (got a little slow around that last mile) late in the evening. I had to wait until the heat subsided, just a little. So... I got out late, but had a nice, fun run with even a little breeze thrown in. And I was really grateful when it was all done... because it is HOT!

Day 201: Did pilates for an hour, then decided to get out on my run right away so, I could get it over with. Ran 5 miles... but my legs were soooo tired from pilates, it was a slight struggle. Although, my time was decent. I did it in 45 minutes, so not too shabby. But the end was tough and my legs were really happy when I finally did get back home. Whew! But being done earlier in the day is really nice. Especially when old friends come to town!

Day 202: It is soooooo HOT! I am really not interested in running in this dang heat!!! I end up sweating so much and it runs into my eyes and runs down my legs, ugh! It's gross. And I cannot wear my running gear for more than one day (usually I try for two or three) without it being soaked through. I do prefer the heat to the cold, but for exercising, it is more of a challenge. Oh well, I am heading out now... I'm aiming for a 6.5 N. Asheville run... we shall see how it goes.... blech...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

almost to day 200!!!

I have been struggling a little with the running everyday. When I travel, or go on vacation, I am less inclined to want to run. Fortunately, if I go with Jacob, he just down right refuses to let me give up, which is good.

I ran in Eastern North Carolina, and no matter how early you got up, if the sun was out, it was HOT!! It makes for slower running and a lot more sweating, but.... I still got in four miles both days that I was at the lake house.

Then Charleston, S.C. was there to point out how hot things could get. Running in Charleston was like running wearing a wet wool blanket. The only reprieve was that there was an ocean breeze and it's not like Asheville's air quality when it's that hot out, so my lungs didn't feel burned at the end, but I could hardly drink enough water throughout the day to recover the amounts lost while running (and I went out by 8:30!)

Then, back home again! It's been pretty hot here, but in comparison to the further east parts of the country, it is tolerable. I still am having difficulty running over five miles, especially if I don't get out early enough. I got new running shoes and socks (thanks to Jacob who went and got them for me!) and so my feet and legs are feeling good. After traveling in the car and sleeping on foreign beds, my hips are a little sore, but they recover pretty quickly. I'm hoping to get someone to run a long 8 to 9 mile run with me soon. I think that in the early fall (when the weather is more tolerable) I will have to recommit myself to lengthier runs on a regular basis... although the time issue is still something to consider. At this point, I can run up to five miles and stretch before and after and have spent slightly less than an hour, which is really about as much as I have to give at this point. But today is day 199, and I did my favorite N. Asheville five mile route. It was pretty out, not too hot, yet... and tomorrow is 200!

Maybe the half year hump is passing.... here's to hope!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Day 186: the weather has definitely been nicer, but it is still pretty hot. I had to wait until about 7:30 to get out running. It is a very different experience running in the evening than other times. It is quiet, like the mornings, but in a more settled way. The mornings feel pregnant with possibility while the evenings feel peaceful and slow. It's fun running by people eating dinner on their porches, then I get to look forward to my dinner on the porch after running.

Day 187: again, I had to wait until late in the evening to run. I had pilates this morning and my legs were feeling really worked. So, at the end of my five and a half miles, I was ready to lie down and not use my legs any further.

Day 188: Did a morning run... although a little later in the morning then I meant to... and the temperature was rising fast. It was nice to run before the wind down of the evening... and to know that I would get to "chill" at the pool later and drink some rose... it's the little things in life that make one happy!

Day 189: Part of what I don't like about blogging, is that nothing exciting really happens on my runs. I was thinking about that today when I was out running. Most all of my runs are pretty uneventful, and I am happy for that, but it makes for boring recounting. If I were talking about other aspects of my life it might be more entertaining (although only slightly). But today's run was a little more eventful in that I ran wearing contacts for the first time. I don't know if the prescription is just right yet because distances were a little hard to gauge and so my footing was unsure. It was still beastly hot when I went out and so my running felt slow and sluggish and like I was suffering from vertigo... sounds fun, I know. but then I got home and realized I'd kept a decent 8.5 minute mile for my 4.5 miles. I was sure it was going to be a lot slower than that. So... maybe I'll get contacts that work or just scrap the whole idea... we shall see (just currently not very clearly).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Running as escape and distraction

Days 167 to 185: I am halfway through the year!!!! It feels really good to be here. Now, each day when I run I feel like I am getting closer to my goal. It's funny how fast the year is flying by... now, sometimes when I dread running, it feels like it's been going on forever. But by and large, it is zooming away.

With the boys at camp, I was sure getting in my runs would be easier. And many days it is, not having children time constraints as a consideration for my day. But, somehow, I have managed to work a lot of the time... picking up shifts, covering for people, being called in because my kids are gone, blah blah... and so that has made many days squeezed. However, when my in-laws invited themselves for a visit, it was a GREAT excuse to escape my house. I took some really great, long runs on those days! Otherwise, my minimum at this point is about 4.5 miles. And most days that is what I do, but some days I add a mile and a half, depending on my time and how hot it is outside. That is one thing about the summer days, if I don't get out on my run first thing in the morning, then I have to wait until 7:30 to run. Except for today, where I had to run in the heat of the day, since I've been called into work. Apparently other restaurants in town decided to close for the Fourth of July... and so we are one of the few places open... and therefore, overbooked. Oh boy! I figured I had better stop cleaning my house (which is MUCH needed) and get out to run and then leave myself time to blog. Ya know something always has to give when you run around like a chicken with your head cut off... and for me, that is maintaining this blog. I wanted to do the blog to help encourage myself to keep running. But I have found that since most of my friends and many of my acquaintances know about my plight, that has been enough to keep me motivated. The last thing I want to say is, "No, I didn't run today, because....". Even when my really bad hangover the other day made me feel like my head would explode with every step (hangovers killing my goal would be the lamest excuse of all...)

So, anyway... I'd better get ready for work!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

days pass...

Days 158 to 166:

Foot pavement
foot pavement

Lift fall
lift fall
my break from monotony
like the days of my life
the miles pass
as my feet raise and fall
my life peaks and dips
ebbs flows
and I run

foot pavement
foot pavement
lift fall
lift fall

days..... pass....

If it's been a while since my last post, it is pretty much a sure sign I feel dark inside. I don't much like to share that part of myself. I prefer to keep it. And so, it has been a bit of a rough patch.... but I have run. Some days it helps, some days it doesn't. And the days pass... and I'm almost getting to the halfway mark. I guess that will be something... maybe something worthwhile.... hard to say really.

Monday, June 7, 2010

yep, still running...

Day 154: I didn't get up and go this morning like I should have. But I was in a foul head space this afternoon so I put on my running shoes and did a fast and furious five mile run. It kicked my ass and kicked my bad mood outta there... so, it was worth it.

Day 155: Went out this morning nice and early. I thought Melissa was going to go out with me, but she couldn't, so I did the four and a half mile town run by myself. It was okay, but I prefer running with a buddy.

Day 156: Got up and out since I was sure I was going to have to work all day. I just did my neighborhood 5k with a little added loop. It was a beautiful morning and I was glad to be done with my run because it got really hot!

Day 157: I tried a new neighborhood route that combined two different 5k races. I think it ended up being only a little over four and a half miles, but it was pretty nice. I might even try it again tomorrow... we shall see...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beach running aka boring running

Day 147: went running with Melissa did 4.5 miles. It was nice as usual. Took just a little shy of 40 minutes. And got to work at a decent time. All in all pretty good.

Day 148: Got out early and ran just the 5k so I could get ready and leave for the beach. It was a fine quick run, mostly because I was so stoked about going to the beach.

Day 149: It rained really hard on the first morning at the beach. We got out to run later than we had anticipated, but it wasn't too hot since the rain cooled things off. I had forgotten how the flat, windy beach makes running any distance difficult. There is something about seeing the pier way off in the distance and it seeming like it is taking forever to get any closer that makes for some feelings of futility (i.e. hamster wheel.) I eeked out 30 minutes of running, but just barely.

Day 150: Today I did much better. I ran to the end of the "inlet" on surface streets and then ran on the beach on the way back. It was about a 5 mile run and I did it in about 43 minutes and then I lay on the beach for the rest of the day (yes, I did get a little sunburned)

Day 151: Again a much better day today. I did the same basic route but the opposite direction and ran further down the beach than yesterday. I'm pretty sure I did about 5.5 miles in 48 minutes. And, again, the best part was reading and relaxing on the beach for the rest of the day.

Day 152: I waited to run until we got back home this afternoon... probably not the best idea. My legs and hips were aching from the car ride and sleeping on a bed that is not my own. My feet and ankles were also sore from running on the sand. I was wiped out from all that sun and partying and was sooooo uninterested in going. Jacob went with me and we ran barely over 3 miles. So, at least I went, because sometimes I wonder why I got myself into this...

Day 153: I'm heading out now, for a four mile run... the boys got "taken away" so I am going to strike while the iron is hot... so to speak. I'm just gonna take it nice and easy and then come home and try to put my house back in order from my wonderful, relaxing, restorative weekend at the beach. Now, if we could just make it so that everything was done like we were here to do it when we got back... then that would be awesome!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach time is almost here!!!!

Day 143: Sunday, bloody Sunday. No, not really. Sunday was pretty nice. Not too hot when I went out to run. I got out late morning and did a 5.5 mile North Asheville route that has just the first part of Sunset and then I cut back down quickly, so not too hilly, but not too easy.

Day 144: Man... it is getting hot in the afternoons... I took a short nap on the porch and then strapped on my shoes to get out before the rain hit. Nothing quite like rain to motivate. I ran into downtown, which is fun... just not at "commute home time". It wasn't bad... just a little more hectic than I expected.

Day 145: I went out and ran 4.5 miles before Pilates this morning. I think my running shoes need to be replaced since my legs are feeling fatigued and my left knee is achy. But, it was nice to be done after pilates, and then I went to get my leg and pubic hair ripped out of my body to get ready for the beach!!!!! I'm already gone in my mind... I just have to get all my shit done before I go...

Day 146: Yep. Definitely need new running shoes. Everything was hurting today... knees, hips, calves, etc. etc. But I was trying to get in five or more miles since I am going to try wearing a bikini in two days (like it will make a difference at this point...). Anyhow, I ran 4.8 and was sooooo glad to be done. And, it took me about 50 minutes, which is slow for my current pace. But, I am closer to going to the beach and tomorrow I'm running with Melissa, which will be a nice change of pace. And then... I get to go to the BEACH!!!! (It is probably not obvious that I am ready to go...)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A runner, yes... a blogger, well... not so much

Again, life is hectic and then when I have quiet moments I would rather sit on my porch in the sunshine (which I am perfecting the 10 minute "old man" porch nap), so I haven't been up for blogging as much. The weather here has been just absolutely awesome! So wonderful and sunny and mild, great running weather, but even better chilling on the porch weather. So the long and short of the last week....

day 135: had to do neighborhood laps again! Saturdays are turning out to be harder days to get in a fun run. I am taking care of multiple boys and have to be centrally located at the house. It is also one of the only days I have for cleaning. So this Saturday I did 3 of the loops and called it good!

Day 136: since yesterday was so light, I decided to run up Sunset (which ends up being right at 8.5 miles.) It was a beautiful morning and a really nice run. I was pretty whooped afterwards but glad I went out on a long run (finally!)

Day 137: The soreness of my legs kept me to running just a little over 3.5 miles. I was keeping a good pace with Jacob, but then I was done after 30 minutes. So, I stopped and went home to sit on my porch (which you may have guessed is one of my all time FAVORITE things to do).

Day 138: Ran four miles after pilates. My legs were still feeling a little worked, but stronger than yesterday. Good run, fine pace. No real news to report.

Day 139: Did a variation of my five mile route into N.Asheville. Again... weather was awesome, I was feeling fine. All in all pretty good.

Day 140: Morning run with Melissa. Did a 4.5 North Asheville run. Kept a decent pace. A little slower than I do normally, but a little faster than Melissa has run in the past. Pretty nice.

Day 141: Misty, cool morning. Had to get my act together and get out on a run early. I thought I had to take the carpool so I just did a quick four mile run into downtown. Got home just as the rain was starting to come down. Good timing!

Day 142: Another dang Saturday. Today was different in that I got stuck working at the sandwich shop for several hours due to a street festival. Then, of course, the boys were out running about so I needed to stay close to home (again!). But the festival made it so my "lap" was a little larger than I usually do and the weather is mild enough I did four loops, which I am guessing gets me at about 4.5 miles. Not too bad. But the Saturday lap thing is slightly lame. Summer camp is coming up pretty soon, and then I won't even have to worry about it. So, I can handle a few more Saturdays like this one.

Friday, May 14, 2010

New routes and new running buddies

Day 131: I'm enjoying just making up new routes as I run. I don't have a pedometer, so I am mostly running for time and then try to go back and check my miles. Today I ran for 48 minutes. I think it was about five miles. I just tried to run on streets I don't normally run on, which I could do about 1/2 the time. It's nice just to do new things.

Day 132: I ran with my friend Eloise today, which was nice. She runs an average of 2.25 miles at a time, so we just did the neighborhood 5k. It was the perfect temperature for running and fun to run with someone new. We went out early in the morning, which is really the best way to do it.

Day 133: We went to a show last night and were out late, so I didn't get up early to run... which was a mistake. It made my afternoon really hectic and I was frustrated about trying to fit in my run. It's days like these that make me want to throw in the towel. It was hot and muggy when I got done with work; I had to go to a soccer game way out in BFE... so I should have gotten up early anyway. But, I got out and did only the neighborhood 5k, which I am trying to run more than. It was a decent run in that I kept a good pace, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have otherwise.

Day 134: So, I didn't make the same mistake twice. I got up and went out early with Melissa. We ran about 4.5 miles (again, it was more about time... we ran for almost 48 minutes). We did this downtown run that I have done one other time and it was really fun. She is going to plan on running with me on both Thursday and Friday mornings, which may be just the encouragement I need to make sure to get out early. Those two days are the hardest in the week to get out on a run if I don't do it in the AM. So, having an external motivator should be just what I need!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot and Cold

Day 127: FRIDAY! My girlfriends were going to come hang out this afternoon, so I had to get out on my run as soon as I got home. It was pretty hot and muggy... and it was a code orange ozone day (which means it is bad to exercise outside). So, I started out all on fire and raring to go. I decided to do a five mile route I've been enjoying and was keeping a great clip. I definitely noticed the weight in my lungs. The air really feels thick and oppressive on those poor air quality days. It really sucks! I certainly hope that there aren't too many of those... because I am not really interested in damaging my lungs... by RUNNING! It's just baffling.

Day 128: The life of a mother... my kids were out and about in the neighborhood hanging and playing with friends, but not in such a way that I could really get out and run. So, much, much, much later in the day then I had wanted to go, I went out and basically did laps in my 'hood. I have a one mile loop and I ran it four times, so I could run by the house and check in. It wasn't all bad, in fact in some ways it was kind of fun, but that last loop was kind of boring.

Day 129: Sunday. Mother's Day. It was a beautiful, but really cool day. Jacob had to work all day (and I only threw myself a small pity party), so I went out for five miles and tested how quickly I could do it. (Ya know, boys sitting at home watching a movie... ) So, I ran the five mile route backward for variety and did it in right at 45 minutes. So, decent... but not quite as good as I wanted it to be. And then, I went to see Iron Man, 'cuz I sure do love that Robert Downey Jr.!

Day 130: It feels like late fall out there today! It was drizzly and cold! How bizarre for May 10th. I took a nap after work since I was feeling like I might be getting a migraine or coming down with something. And then I went out on a 4.25 mile run mostly in my neighborhood. My pace was good and I warmed up quickly... but it is still bizarre to see people walking around in sweaters.... SWEATERS! I mean, honestly, I think they might be overreacting a little... it is still almost 60... but I understand their point. And then it is supposed to be 80 on Wednesday... odd, just odd. As long as their is a breeze, I can take it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been putting off blogging for soooo long. Running has been really enjoyable in this spring weather (almost every time)but for some reason sitting down to blog about it is not. So, it has been a week and a half since my last confession, I mean blog.... and I have run everyday. Most days I am hitting about 4.5 miles. I have this new North Asheville route that I like and can encourage myself to run more than I might otherwise.

I can mostly remember the last week and a half.... day 115: 5 miles around GPI to try and catch another glimpse of our President, no luck.
Day 116: did my old N. Asheville route which is technically 4.85 miles. Day 117: Jacob and I did the neighborhood 5k after pilates because we had stuff to do. Day 118: four miles. barely had time to fit that in. crazy, running around like a chicken with head cut off day. Day 119: early morning, beautiful run. 48 plus minutes, unsure of the mileage, but was keeping a good pace. Day 120: hot, humid afternoon. slightly grumpy about running went up into N. Asheville and pushed myself for 45 minutes. Day 121: got out even when I didn't want to go, up into N. Asheville again and ended up having a decent run. Day 122: Sunday, went up Sunset, not the full 8.5 miles, but a healthy 6.5. Nice day. Day 123: Jacob and I went out late in the evening, started out separately but then met up and did a few sprints back home, right at 4.5 miles. Day 124: Did the 5k after pilates, because again, I didn't have much time on my "day off". Day 125: Had our 5 year anniversary party last night... so, I was pretty foggy this day. I went out and ran four rather unpleasant miles. I was glad when it was over. Day 126: Today. Thursday. I get out early and even though it takes me a few minutes to get going, it is always a nice run. Something about the early morning light is so rejuvenating and awesome. I did five miles and still got to work when I wanted to, all in all a good run.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Day 112: Thursdays and Fridays I take it easy and run in the mornings. It's good to get it done, since I am soccer mom in the afternoon. But somewhat unexciting today. 3.5 quiet miles. The spring here is really taking it's time and is exceptionally beautiful!

Day 113: I was too tired this morning to get up and go, so I didn't. Then this afternoon I was pretty pissed off about having to go. It was hot and I was "aggro" and uninterested. I got myself out and pretty much hated the entire 5k. I should have waited until it was cooler at around 7:30, but I thought it was possible the President would come into dinner at my restaurant and I wanted to be ready!

Day 114: this morning I was thinking about giving up this dumb, self-proclaimed project. I was sitting on my porch, enjoying the wind blowing the petals off my ornamental cherry tree and thinking about how stupid this idea is... but I decided not to throw in the towel just yet. I figured I would go run around the Grove Park Inn golf course on the off chance that I would see the President... AND I DID!!!!! It was sooooo cool. I am still surprised at the effect it had on me. But seeing him, no more than 20ft from me, smiling, playing golf, waving at us spectators, was just sooo neat. I was really exhilarated afterward and had goosebumps and ran really fast. I was so glad that I went out on my run today. I'm so glad I made myself! And I got the coolest reward for it. And even though it seems so out of character for me to get sooo excited about seeing our President up close... I was... and still am a little... the rumors are still swirling that he might come to our restaurant.... I'm too excited to think about the possibility!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ho, hum...

Day 109: Monday.... worked and then went on a run this afternoon. My legs were a little tired, so I think mornings are better, but I cannot always be that motivated to get out to run. I ran 5.5 miles in North Asheville. Beautiful day, fine pace. Ya know, nothing too exciting.

Day 110: Pilates Tuesday. Jacob and I went and did pilates again and then took about a four mile run in West Asheville. It was fun. I kept up pretty well. There were some pretty good hills. It was a beautiful, drizzling spring day. The temperature was maybe 60, perfect running weather.

Day 111: Ran five miles with Melissa this morning. She's been off of running too much, so it was a little slower than I would have liked, but nice. It was quite cool this morning, just a little above 50. Nothing too exciting to report. My legs are holding up pretty well. The spring weather is honestly the best for running and I am having no real issues running four plus miles. Ho, hum...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Morning runs and the Steeple Chase

Day 106: Another good morning run. I did four miles and enjoyed it. It's nice to have my run out of the way. My legs were feeling much better today and my pace wasn't too slow, but it wasn't as fast as I would like either. But things are definitely feeling improved.

Day 107: Steeple Chase! Which basically means I sat in the sun all day with friends and drank mint juleps and Pimm's cups. It was a lot of fun, but I neglected to run in the morning before we left... bad idea... so, when we got back to town around 6, I still had not run. Everyone was still hanging out and having a good time, so I borrowed a pair of running shoes and a jog bra and had an interesting, inebriated run. It's similar to running with a severe head cold, but a little more entertaining. Things are a little funnier when you are shnockered, so it wasn't too annoying that there wasn't any sidewalks and cars were passing a little too close. I was making sure to run carefully so I didn't have any missteps, since my head felt like a helium balloon. I borrowed Atticus' watch and ran straight up the street for 16 minutes and then turned around and came back. I am not even sure how far I ran. It was a bizarre run... but I broke a sweat and kept a fine pace... and didn't skip a day. Next time, I may choose to get up early instead... but then I just went right back to imbibing... it was a pretty fun day... and definitely doable only once a year!

Day 108: I'm feeling a little sleepy and slow today (no idea why...) and it was difficult to get motivated, but that's what Jacob is good for. The boys were out playing at friend's houses, so we took the opportunity to go out together. We did a little over 5.5 miles in a pretty good pace. I stayed with him for most of the run and fell behind in the last mile and a half. The weather was gorgeous (again! not that it ever gets old!) and it was nice to run with somebody. Jacob somehow manages to get me out on routes I don't normally take and need to remember when I am out running by myself. And now, I can take a nap on the porch... gotta love Sundays!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, yeah...

Day 104: I got this wickedly large splinter of treated wood in the bottom of my foot from my front porch and Jacob had to cut my foot and pull it out... it was awful. So, when I went running today, I had to concentrate on my foot hitting in such a way as not to hit my irritated wound. It made for an interesting four miles. My legs weren't feeling great but they weren't as bad as the day before. I am really feeling slow these days. I think I am running closer to 9.5 minute miles instead of moving closer to 9 and under. It's interesting... I'm still hoping this slump ends soon.

Day 105: I got out early this morning. It was a beautiful spring morning. Birds chirping, flowers budding, pollen everywhere... although it bothers me a lot less than it bothers others. My legs didn't hurt and I had a nice four mile run. I realized while I was running that I finally got my multi-vitamin and have been taking it for five days now, and that may have some effect on my legs and muscles and overall energy for running. Duh, right? Well, anyway I hope it has a positive effect, at the very least, morning runs seem to be a better way to go. So, I'll try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Day 102: Today sucked!!!! My legs are shot. I'm sick of running and having my legs hurt and feel like useless lead bricks. I have to say that I am close to giving up. I don't want to run and have it be soooo horrible. This past week, I had one day where my legs didn't feel sore and worn out and it felt good to run. I think my legs are done. Maybe it's just a bump in the road, but I am feeling really sick of it.

Day 103: I did pilates today for the first time, it was really cool. Both Jacob and I were sore afterward, but felt really invigorated. We went on a run following our session. The weather is beautiful. My legs felt a little better, but still a little sore. Jacob made me run stairs, which I hate. But we got in five miles and then treated ourselves to a big lunch. All in all a pretty good day. And, like I said, the weather is amazing!!!! I'm going to try running in the mornings before work and see if that doesn't have some effect on the lameness in my legs. If not... I just don't know...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vacation and 100 days

Day 95: Went out this a.m. before coffee, which I try not to do as I am a serious coffee addict. Ran four miles in good time. It was fun. Birds were chirping, tulips are budding, beautiful... and then I have to get ready for VACATION.

Day 96: Drove into FL, hit the beach for a few hours, and made it to Disney by 5:30. Clair and I had a cocktail, unpacked the bags, got the boys to the pool, and then took a run. The cocktail had the effect of making everything seem easy and rosy. We didn't run for more than 35 minutes, but it was fun and easy. A perfect vacation run.

Day 97: We went to Universal studios today. I can tell you that I am NOT an amusement park person. Crowds are not my favorite thing and I can handle some of the rides. It was a full day of battling crowds, sun and walking. We got back to the room at 6:45 and I was feeling pretty beat. I put on my shoes and went for it. The temperature was perfect, the sun was low on the horizon, and the resort where we stayed (a fake version of New Orleans) was perfect for running. It was full of foliage and I could run along the "riverbank". My legs pretty much felt like rubber, but I did it. And having a little time to myself was a welcome reprieve.

Day 98: I made the smart choice and ran this morning before we went to the parks. Again, the weather could not have been more perfect. And I went a little further and explored more of the resort where we are staying. I got some strange looks, and I did note that I only saw one other person running the entire time I was there... I guess it isn't always a priority.

Day 99: Water park day! It started out cool and rainy, so the crowds were minimal. The sun finally broke through the clouds and I did some fun slides with my boys. I had a few beers in the afternoon and a lot of time in the sun, so again my run was a "vacation run". It was slow and easy and my limbs flung around me like wet socks. I sweat and was breathing hard and was happy when it was done. And, now I am over running at Port Orleans.

Day 100: It took 12.5 hours to get back, instead of 9.5. Dallas got sick with a stomach thing, and then Clair got sick with the same thing. We got four hours of sleep before we left, and everyone was shot when we got back. I unpacked the car and put on my shoes, because I knew if I got to comfortable in the house, I would not go. I REALLY, REALLY did not want to go. So, I compromised and did the neighborhood 5k. The weather in Asheville this evening was stunning! The sun was going down, you could hear the tree frogs a chirpin', there were lots of folks out running, and it was good to be home. My legs are definitely feeling the use of theme park walking, but getting out of the car was a good thing. Have you ever noticed, though, how sitting in the car all day makes you feel more like sitting then standing? It's funny how the leg fatigue sets in after a long car ride.

Day 101: I got out on my five mile route and definitely got bugs in my teeth from smiling so much while running. It was good to be on familiar ground, nice to run when I wanted to, and good that my legs were feeling strong. The weather right now is AWESOME! It's 72 and sunny, but not humid or muggy, not too hot and just a little cool with a light breeze. In short, perfect running weather. I had a great day getting things done and ready to start my week, and then, a good run. All in all a grreat Sunday.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mabye massage is the answer

Day 92: Fine day. Did four miles quickly while the kids were out hanging with various friends. It was soooo beautiful outside and the trees are budding... just awesome. My legs are still feeling pretty heavy and lame. So, my run wasn't as much fun as it could be... I also realized I have forgotten my multi-vitamin for the last few days and I am sure that has an effect. So, I'll try to get back on that and see if that doesn't help my legs feel less tired.

Day 93: I went out for six miles, since I hadn't done a long run this week yet. And I am going for my 90 minute massage tonight, so I want to feel like I really deserve it. It was an okay run. I didn't have to stop and I didn't have to keep coercing myself to keep moving, but it felt slow and less energetic than I would have liked. I'm hoping my massage gives me some much needed relief (still haven't gotten my vitamins...)

Day 94: I did six miles again today because I may not be able to fit it in any other time this week, with traveling to Florida and all. My legs definitely felt better today. They were feeling much lighter and mobile. I didn't really run that much faster than yesterday (58 minutes yesterday; 56 minutes today) but it just felt a lot nicer. I'm guessing that the massage helped relieve some lactic acid build up and will hopefully continue to work its way out over the next few days. I will probably end up sticking to 1/2 hour runs the entire time I travel, so it is not a pain in the ass to my traveling companions. I'm really looking forward to a new place to run!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Quarter Down

Day 90: Gorgeous weather... perfect temperature, sun shining, just absolutely wonderful! I had just about 45 minutes to fit in my run, so I went out for a good, even four and a half mile run. I ended up shaving the last half mile off, because my legs and hips are really aching and uncomfortable. I am about to start my joyous monthly flow, and I think it is possible that is part of the issue. I also wonder if the lactic acid in my legs needs some help getting out. I'm not sure. Either way, I feel like I am at a plateau that I am looking forward to coming out of.

Day 91: Another fabulous day in Asheville! It was 80! Blue skies and bright sun. It's like everyone in Asheville found the elixir of life or something. I did not run into one grumpy soul today. I went out late this evening to run (thank you daylight savings...) the air was cooling down a bit and it was beautiful. I did four miles. But again, it was kind of grueling. I'm surprised at my ability to persevere when it sucks... I manage to keep going... but it's really not much fun. I prefer it when I am exhilarated from a run as opposed to just being thankful that it is over. I hope this point I am in ends soon... I imagine being in Florida next week and having completely new places to run will make things a little more interesting, or at least I hope so. I made an appointment for an hour and a half massage (my treat to myself for getting through the first quarter) and I'm hoping that will help revive my legs a little. My feet are also a little achy... but nothing that keeps me from running...yet...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ugh, where does my time go?

It is really difficult to blog when I am in a bad mood.... so, I didn't blog on Friday (day 85). I was tired; the weather was gray and yucky. I just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. My legs were still feeling off and my motivation was low... so a slow, short run. I was frustrated... and Saturday(Day 86)... good run, cold weather, then I got a migraine.... Sunday(day 87).... rainy... did a really nice downtown run... it was only four miles but really nice.... Monday (day 88) ran with Jacob... we'd been out late at a concert the night before... but really tired... ran 5 miles of some serious hills... then had to grocery shop, make dinner, blah blah... today... awesome run... beautiful weather... was only gonna do four miles... did five and KICKED ZILLICOA'S ASS!!!!(the big hill I hate in Asheville)... but now people are coming over... I have no time... so, it is hard to blog... but I did.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gimme, gimme, more... gimme more...gimme, gimme more

Day 82: Beautiful day! Absolutely the opposite of yesterday. Sunny, warm, wonderful. I had all this office work to do that I blew off to sit on the porch in the sunshine. Wonderful! I didn't want to leave my sunny perch to run (which was not aided by the fact that my husband was rounding up the usual suspects to play Boccie ball and drink beer). But I got out, like a good girl, and ended up having an exceptionally nice run. I ran five miles in 43 minutes. I felt strong and light and really enjoyed being outside. I may have run longer if I wasn't thinking about buddies and beer. The only down side was that that Britney Spears song, "Gimme more" (or something or other) was stuck in my head for almost the entire run. And since I do not know any of the other words... I had to suffer through the staccato lines of gimme, gimme, more; gimme more, gimme, gimme more... and that was it. Nonetheless, today was one of those days I was happy to be alive... and running.

Day 83: Another beautiful day in Asheville. I had several obligations, so I just went out and did the 5k that I do and add another 1/4 mile to make it 3.5. My legs were feeling a little sore, but mostly it was good. It took me just under 30 minutes.

Day 84: Some days feel like I am "on punishment". Today was one of those. My house: messy! My workplace: detritus! My boys: crazy! My work: undone! I wasn't feeling really motivated and my lower calf muscles were screaming at me the whole time. I did the light, easy stride that feels like a more "relaxed" run. I ran just three miles today, and felt everyone of them. I was happy when it was over... and hoping for a better day tomorrow. Oh, and it spit rain at me the whole time... at least it was 55!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Snow?

Day 80: I got up early so I could run with Melissa before my big brunch date with my boys. We ran 6 miles of some good hills in W. Asheville. It was a nice run and we made some pretty good time. It was about 55 minutes, which for the hilly terrain is pretty good. Then I went to the Grove Park for brunch, which was definitely enjoyed by my children. For me, being around that much food (two rooms full) makes me lose my appetite. So, the experience was nice....

Day 81: It's snowing!!!! I really do not want to wear the ninja suit anymore for awhile! I was really glad I took a long run yesterday, so that today I can just go out and run for 30 minutes. I ended up enjoying the run a lot more than I thought it would. It was not as cold as I thought it was gonna be and the snow was really a piddly effort, and was therefore just pretty. My legs were feeling good; I was feeling strong, and I got my four mile run done in 35 minutes. Buhdowh. And my first quarter is almost done!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde

How two days of running could be so vastly different....

Day 78: Being in the 70's feels good... Friday. Sunny. Warm. Excellent day for a run. My girlfriends were going to be heading over for the beginning of Friday night porch time, which happens early Spring to late, late Fall or early winter. Sometimes we do it on Saturdays, but mostly it happens on Fridays. So, I was ready when I got home from work to get out, to get running. And, I did. There was just one problem. The five mile route I had planned on doing had to be cut short because my legs felt like lead bricks. I mean nothing good was coming out of them today. I ended up doing a 3.5 mile route and kind of hating it. I was slightly frustrated, except I remembered that I have run through snow, ice, torrential rain, well below freezing temperatures and while very sick. I have run more than I honestly would have ever expected. I have surprised myself on many occasions, so I took today in stride. I would rather my legs not feel like 50 lb flour bags, but sometimes they do. I was happy when the run was over and I took a little nap in the sun on the porch before my shower. One thing I did realize, however, is that I really didn't stretch enough the last few days. So I did make sure to stretch adequately today.
And then I hung out with my girlfriends, it was great!

Day 79: So, today I decided to take it light and easy. Give my legs some easy I am planning on a long run tomorrow (and then a gigantic brunch... which we can discuss later why I haven't lost any weight on this project, ahem....) Anyway, it was sunny and amazing again today. I spent way too much time in the sun. Got a little sunburn. I sanded the outdoor tables for the patio at the coffee shop and thought about not running. I thought about how nice it would be to laze around and do nothing else for the day. And as I was thinking this, my body was automatically suiting up for running. I put on my jog bra, my shorts, tied up my shoes and then I was out the door. I have learned that once I get dressed I am as good as running. I went out to do the neighborhood 5k and ended up doing five miles because I was having such a nice run. My legs were light and mobile. I was enjoying letting my mind wonder and looking at people's landscaping. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was so Mrs. Hyde to yesterdays Dr. Jekyl. It was really awesome. I made sure to stretch thoroughly afterward, because I am hoping for a really good run tomorrow. And, I'm almost at day 80... although, that does still mean I am not even a third of the way, I'm afraid to get too excited. Ah, yes... I will always temper all excitement with reality... maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's not... maybe I'm Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde all on my own... hmmm, I guess I'll have to think about that on my run tomorrow...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 76: I was feeling pretty tired and slightly unmotivated today. I had this moment where I was just pissed off that I decided to do this. I am having a hard time accomplishing everything I need to and then I have to tie on my running shoes and get out the door. It can be very annoying at times. I went out and ran four miles. The weather was mild, which was good. But I was having a lot of joint pain and my legs were not really feeling it. So, at the end of my run. I took about a 10 minute walk. It was nice just to walk around, almost aimless. I got home, took a shower and did almost nothing until dinner. That was nice.

Day 77: Today is beautiful out. It is 63 degrees and almost sunny. I had two wine tastings this afternoon, which make for an interesting time. So, when I got home I knew that if I sat down I would get sleepy, so I just put on my gear and got out the door. It was a great run. I did five miles and didn't feel too tired or sore. i realized that the good aspect of requiring myself to run everyday means that I make myself stop working, or stop cleaning or doing whatever I think I HAVE to do. If I didn't make myself do this, I would so often neglect this important aspect of life. Obviously, it is easier to feel upbeat about it today since my run was so nice. And then I came home and no one was here... that is such a pleasant treat that I am not going to write anymore about it and go enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In laws and bullies

Day 72: Uneventful day. I did my usual 5 mile route. It was a little cool and overcast, but overall decent day. It was good to go out... knowing my in-laws were going to be descending upon us later in the day.

Day 73: In-laws in town, good day for a long run. Jacob went with me. It was about 45 degrees and only partly cloudy. Jacob took me out for a six mile,keep-up-with-me run. It was good. I didn't push quite as hard as I could have, but was worked. I made the mistake of telling Jacob that... so...

Day 74: I went out with Jacob again and he kicked my ass until the end. We did about 5.5 miles of a really hilly run. The weather was cold, AGAIN. But at least it was dry. My legs were sore afterward from all of the hills.

Day 75: I had less than 35 minutes to get my run done and take a shower since we had a meeting about bullying at my eldest son's school. (of which there are about 14 kids in the 6-8th grades and somehow bullying can still be an issue...) My legs were feeling fatigued and I was out of sorts from having house guests. (My in-laws sleep in the room where my computer is, and that kept me from blogging this past few days). I did the 5k in 30 minutes because of my legs and general energy level. So, I took a really quick shower and was still late to the meeting. It worked out alright, as I just bullied them all into repeating everything that I had missed... 75 days in... not too shabby.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Day 71: When I left work, it was misting but nice out. When I was just about to get my running clothes on... BOOM! Thunder and lightning and a downpour of rain. I waited for a bit to see if the lightning would pass and the rain would slow... and it seemed to. So, I took my chance. I wore a rain coat with the hood up to give me some protection from the rain. But I may as well not. I was probably soaked through by about the first mile. It was one of those rains that go sideways and upways and downways and everyways. And the thunder and lightning were just taking a momentary rest. It is a little scary to run in a thunderstorm. I know that driver's visibility is at a minimum. I took the hood of my raincoat down, because I was soaked anyway and my glasses were covered and it felt like it was impeding my ability to see by being up. I was planning on my 5 mile run, but ended up cutting it down to 4 because of how crazy it was out there. At one point, I was sure the lightning hit right behind me and the thunder clap that immediately followed scared the shit out of me, thankfully not literally. My feet were soaked, my hair was soaked and I felt like a drowned rat. When I got home, I was so happy to get out of my wet stuff that I forgot to check my time. I would guess it was relatively slow due to the conditions and my timidness when I can't see very well. It is supposed to rain for the next few days, which is fine with me as long as it doesn't get cold again!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring rain

Day 69: Some jokes could be made about today.... (69...) but I will skip those for now. I went running with a new buddy today. Jessi, who just started running, went out for a just shy of 5 mile run. It was beautiful weather. Slightly overcast and just about 50 degrees... perfect running weather. We kept a decent pace, just a touch slower than I would normally run, but still a healthy 9.5 minute mile. I was talking up a storm the whole way, as per usual. It was great. And it makes me feel even more invigorated to run, and continue to run into the SPRING!!! (If you have not gotten it already, I LOVE spring!)

Day 70: It was a good day. I slept a full 9 hours! I loved it! I went to work and wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off. My Thursday afternoon wine meeting didn't degrade into a bitching match with my "large sour grape" wine distributor and overall things feel like they are rolling along nicely. The weather was warm-ish and misty, but fun to run in. I would have happily taken a longer run, but my younger son was at home alone finishing his homework and wasn't too thrilled about being alone. So, I did four miles in a respectable 35 minutes. And I just enjoyed being out and smelling the rain on the concrete. I know it is possible for more cold to come, but I am bolstered by the knowledge that the winter will have to give up it's fight soon. Thank you, spring! And I have less than 300 days to go!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful sunshine!

Day 67: It is beautiful outside! The sun is shining; the temperature is mild. Running when it is like this is awesome. I ran my five mile route. I love running this route when the weather is nice. I get to see the trees starting to bud and the tulips and daffodils pushing up their greens. I love it! My pace was a little slower than I wanted, but I figure with some more time, I will be back to where I was before winter sickness. I sat on the porch the rest of the afternoon and just soaked up some rays!

Day 68: Another beautiful day in Asheville. I went out to run six miles, but didn't quite have enough on my belly to pull it off, so I cut it short and ran just over five. My pace was good and my feet felt light, so overall a pretty good day. I love this temperate weather and feeling sun on my skin. Someone told me the Almanac is predicting some ridiculous amounts of snow in mid-March, but I am choosing to ignore them and enjoy this spring like weather. Oh, yeah!