Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keep on running?

I went back to NYC on Monday (319) for a wine tasting. It was basically like flying in for lunch, but I didn't pay for it, so why not? We had to get up at 5 am, out of the house by 5:30 and to Charlotte by 7:30. On the plane and then meet for lunch. I knew trying to run today was going to be tough. At first I thought I would rise at 4 am and go... but I should know better about myself than that at this point. We got to the city by 10:45 and lunch was looking like it was not going to start until 1:00 or so... so we rode to the hotel hoping for an early check in (which we got). We put our running gear on and run up the Hudson River Greenway. I need to mention that we had not had much to eat during all of our travels (Jacob and I) and our bellies were VERY VERY empty after that run. We did just three miles (since we didn't know how delayed lunch would be). We showered up and got out of the hotel and into a cab with about 20 minutes to spare. We arrived at the restaurant on time. We were ready for the big lunch, excuse me, HUGE LUNCH we had been promised with our wine tasting... only to have the opposite happen. Our wonderful host, a big wine distributor in the city, wanted us to try all 35 wines BEFORE eating a thing. You know, so as not to "disturb" our palates. Well, no matter how little wine you swallow, how much you spit, if you have eaten NOTHING since 5 am and run three miles and it is 2:30 in the afternoon, you will be drunk and feel like shit. It is unequivocally true. So, we were drunk and starving. We spent the rest of that day trying to find enough food to soak up the alcohol. We ate some pretty good stuff in NYC, but unfortunately a hamburger or hot dog would have done better and then a romp in the hay and bed. So, for next time... we know better. On Tuesday, we got up pretty early and were surprisingly not hung over. We got some bagels and coffee and took a short walk. Then we decided to get our run over with so we could eat and eat and eat and eat and make up for the previous day. This time we ran South on the Greenway, which is just a fun and easy place to run. If I had to do it everyday, I would get bored, but for a couple of days, it was nice. We ran just a touch over four miles. Went to the hotel showered and got down to the business of eating. And we definitely made up for time lost the day before. I won't go into all of the details, but we had some amazing Iberion pig ham (some tapas place in the Lower East Side) and pulled and cut to order organic noodles in a soup bowl (at Hung Ry in NoHO) that were so amazing, I can't wait to go again! And then, we had to come home.

So, running at home again... Wednesday (321) did four miles... nothing exciting to report. I was happy to be done with it and even happier to hit my pillow that night...Oh, wait... I had to have a big fight with my husband... which helped fuel my run today... if only we could run away from fights, I'd be in good standing. I hardly had anytime tonight, so I just planned on doing the 5k, but I was so distracted and had so much on my mind, I just kept going. Ended up doing my five mile route since it is so ingrained in my mind and body. It was nice, but my life was here to smack me in the face (children fighting, avoiding their homework, house a mess, employee schedules needed to be made, employee's drama needing to be attended to, many bills to pay, a possible 20K tax bill, a loan modification that isn't working, and oh, that fight with my husband that still needs addressing). Shit. Maybe I should have gone Forrest Gump on the day and kept on running. Running and running and running. What a pleasant thought.

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