Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The inevitable has happened

Cold has returned to Asheville. Not just cold, but cold and rainy. Yuck. I have been very spoiled in the early and late part of the fall, and now I have to face mean, harsh reality. Actually, Saturday wasn't too bad. It was cold, but it was partly sunny and only a little windy. I went running with the boys, to try and encourage them to exercise as well. Dallas ran a mile and Atticus rode his bike two. It was pretty cute and eye opening. Those boys definitely need to be running around a little bit more! Then after they were done with their part, Jacob and I did a quick 3.5 mile run since work and life were starting to call. Sunday, again not so bad, cool and partly cloudy but lots of wind. I only did four miles and was feeling pretty lack luster. I realize that when I am menstruating my muscles are less full of life and my energy level lags. I'll chalk it up to another day down. Monday was gray all day and cold and windy and just generally yucky. I went out for my five mile run as soon as I got done with work. One really good thing I have gained from this year is to go out and run AS SOON AS an opportunity presents itself. If I wait until later, it may be less convenient, the weather could be worse, my children might be requiring something, etc. It was cold and rainy and pleasantly quiet on the streets. People tend to stay in when the weather is bad, so it was peaceful, traffic was moving slowly. I won't say it was nice, but it definitely improved my mood and I was happy to take a hot shower when I was done. Today, however, was just down right blah. I again grabbed my opportunity right after pilates. It was raining pretty hard and was cold. My shoes got soaked, as did I, and then my feet were cold and so were my hands. I only did four miles since after pilates my legs are frequently sore and tired.... oh, yes and the weather was terribly unpleasant. Any other year I would not go running on a day like today, but not this year. And I actually think it is better for me to be out in the muck for lifting my spirits and helping me acclimate to the season. Because like it or not, winter is on it's way!

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