Tuesday, August 31, 2010

computer glitches and running bitches

My computer was attacked by a nasty virus (thank you, children!). So, I was without my computer for two weeks. It worked intermittently but only enough for me to do any work I had to do or answer emails, and that, just barely. Now, though, I do believe that things are worked out (thank you, wonderful IT guy, Clint!) and I am back up and running (no, I did not stop physically running just my computer). So, during my technology hiatus, I kept notes on my handy-dandy clipboard that I use to try and keep my mind organized and my list of things to do in order (it doesn't always work). Here are the highlights: For one thing, I love writing things by hand. For whatever reason, actually writing, in script or print, is more satisfying to me than typing. I don't know why, I guess I am old school. Alright, so anyway... my birthday. Good day. Pilates. Excellent six mile run up toward Sunset (not all the way up because that is tough). Hour and a half massage... followed by tequila shots (this last part being a BAD idea). So, the next day... hung over, tired running... NOT fun... weather was pretty, did four pretty slow and sad miles... felt old. Then the next few days were filled with child centered, let's get ready for school activities, most of my runs were between four and a half and five and a half miles (the land of "comfortable" running I have apparently fallen in to). So, then one afternoon, we go to the pool (Tuesday, 8/24 day 236). I decided to run to the pool to meet everyone. I did the hilly helatious run up into the University and down and around UNCA, it was TOUGH. But so much fun. The best part was that I was actually really tired (the good, after exercising a bunch, tired). I changed into my bathing suit and just chilled for the rest of the afternoon, it was very pleasant. Then I had some 4.5 milers for the next few, mom and wife fun filled days. Then my loooong weekend descended upon me. I had to work a double on Friday (14 hours on my feet). I got up and ran early. Just did four miles because I knew I would be on my feet all day. Fine run, absolutely GORGEOUS morning!!! I mean Asheville this time of year is phenomenally wonderful. I know there are other gorgeous places in the world, but this is one I get to live in! So, then Saturday morning I had to wake up and open the coffee shop AND train new staff (which is tiring). I stayed up hanging with Jacob until 2am and then woke up at 6am. I was fine training my newbie and doing my work, etc. and then round about 2:30 I just started to fade. I was whooped! I mean whooped!!! Seriously. I felt like I had been up for days and days (I know, I'm a wimp). Anyhow, I tried to take a little catnap, my children thought otherwise, so I got up and decided I should try and get my run out of the way. Let me just tell you I do not remember a run being so hard. I know back in the winter when I had that head cold that it was pretty tough to run, but for some reason this seemed tougher (probably because the winter seems so far away). It took me twenty minutes, TWENTY MINUTES, of walking to even convince myself to run. And then it took me fifty minutes, FIFTY MINUTES, to run four miles, of a relatively flat route. During the run I was dreaming about falling and twisting my ankle, so I could stop. Or hitting my knee really hard so I could give up. Fortunately, I hate pain, so I did not cause any of these things to happen. In fact, I was so tired I ran extra cautiously (I mentioned it took me 50 minutes, right). That was day 240 and I kept having to remind myself that all I have left is 125 days. Today, it wasn't helping. Alright, I have to go now, but I will continue this "catch up" hopefully in the next few days. All I have to say is that day 240 currently sticks out in my mind as the worst. And I hope it stays that way!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

138 days to go...

Let's see... running.... I have had some really great days and some really, really sucky days. I am not entirely sure what will make one day better than the other. I do know that if I have worked a long, stressful day that my legs are pretty shot at the end, but the mind clearing is always nice. But those runs are usually so hard to get through. I had two of those day 223 and day 225. In between those two days wasn't so bad. I ran early in the morning on 224 since we had to pick Dallas up at the airport in the afternoon and it was nice and cool and my legs were not too stiff. But I've been feeling like I am running slower than usual, and my body is feeling all of it's 35 years (of which I will be tomorrow). It's been slightly discouraging. I have scheduled a long massage for my birthday and am hoping that will help my legs and feet feel better. Yesterday I ran with Jacob (day 226) and it was one of the first times I've actually beat him running. I was pushing the pace for almost the entire four mile run! It was pretty awesome. When we went to climb Zillicoa, he did beat me then, but still... I must be getting a little better if I am able to push Jacob!!! And today (day 227) I went and did five miles in a good pace (nothing too great due to the heat, I suspect) and then got home and had to go straight to work (putting out fires), which stunk, but at least I got in a good run. And so 35 rotations around the sun and 227 days into this 365 day project.... I'm getting there!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beach blood blisters

I was at the beach all last week, which is great for relaxation, not so great for running. The temperature was high and the humidity was too. So, I either had to run first thing in the morning or late, late, late in the evening. And then I had two choices: run on the flat, hot, BORING street, or run on the slanty, sandy, windy, difficult beach. Tough choices. The first day of the trip (214) I decided to run early in the morning (since we hadn't been partying too hard...yet) and run on the beach. The tide was out and the beach wasn't too crowded. I got to run on the flatest part of the beach since the tide was so low. I used an ipod, which is the first time that I have had music thus far this year, and it helped keep me paced well. I ran to the end of the inlet and then up toward the pier. I ran for 40 minutes and I'm guessing it was about 4.5 miles. Pretty nice run.

So the second day of the trip, Jacob wanted to run with me... in the evening. I was game since the first night we got a brief afternoon rain and the prevailing winds made for a cool, beautiful evening. Not so on the second night. It remained hot and muggy most all of the day. We set out at 7:00, which is about as late as we could go not to miss dinner. We decided to start on the street and then move to the beach. We ran 2.5 miles on the street and my left foot started feeling numb. (this was a great time for Jacob to start criticizing my running form!) So, when we got to the beach, I decided to run without shoes... ya know... just to give it a try. My feet felt great and the numbness subsided, but the tide was up and the beach was crowded, so we had to run where the beach was slanting to the left a bit. We ran 2.5 miles back on the beach....barefoot. It was pretty nice... but.... my left toe had a blood blister the entire back side. It was filling up with blood and sore. There were many Hill family theories on what I should do (pop it, cover it with neosporin and a band-aid, or do nothing), I chose to do nothing. (215)

The next day, Jacob convinced me to do an evening run again. (I thought it might give my toe a chance to recover a little). I didn't want to do five miles, so we tried 3.5. We ran about 1.75 miles on the street and 1.75 on the beach. My left foot was not feeling so great about 1/4 of the way down the beach, so I took off my shoes and ran, slightly leaning on the edge of my left foot. It was not the easiest run, but I did not pop or puncture my blood blister. In fact, I just added to it! It looked like it was spreading like a growth around the base of my big toe. Really pretty! (216)

My fourth day at the beach, I decided to run in the morning, on the road. I did barely 3.5 miles because my ankles were soooooo sore from running on the beach that I was in tears for a portion of my run and even had to stop a few times to stretch and loosen my ankles and take a little time to walk. It sucked and I was miserable! But then it was over and I could totally relax on the beach and keep my walking to a minimum. Oh, and drink beer for most of the day... lush that I am! (217)

My fifth (and final running day at the beach, thank god!) I decided not to run in the morning when my body felt stiff and tired, but wait until the evening. And that choice really paid off! It rained most of the day (which was a bummer since it was my last day to laze around on the beach). When I finally decided to go run (around 6:30) it was still overcast and cool. There was limited activity on the street and I had a really great run! I ran four miles, and waiting until the afternoon made it so my ankles were already less sore and my legs were more alive. It was a nice run and didn't feel boring. It was a good way to end my running time at the beach. But I must say I am VERY glad to be running again in my beautiful, hilly, cool town! (218)

So, back at home and loving to run in non-flat,non hot, non sandy conditions. We drove back, leaving very early in the morning, and unfortunately, my sister got sick. That slowed our drive time down a little. Then we got home and I had all this B.S. to do and needed to help take car of my niece while my sister worked on feeling better, so I didn't get out on my run until 8:00. I was already pretty tired from the early morning and the full day and was feeling slightly unmotivated... but my dad did happen to mention that I look like I've gained weight... so, I at least wanted to burn some calories... and decided to run wind sprints. It was pretty fun and a departure from what I normally do. I did only run for 1/2 hour but I definitely got my heart rate going and sweat a good bit. And I was very happy to see my pillow at the end of that day! (219)

and then Sunday came along (220). Being on vacation for 6 days means coming back home to utter and complete mayhem. I worked from the time I woke up, until I took a run, and wrote my blog. I went out at 7:30. Again, the weather was nice and cool. The end of the day light is so calming and lovely. I decided to run my old standard route, with a few sprints thrown in at key locations, and had another fun run. I did have to prod myself not to turn at a side street, thereby making my run shorter, but then I remembered that I have a few pounds to shed, and kept on course. My blood blister is not bothering me any more and now all I have to do is get myself back into running long distances... which may be a bit of a challenge... but while I should not take it so hard that my dad noticed my weight gain, I will definitely help use it as motivational tool. Lemons to lemonade... thanks dad!