Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 300, less than 65 to go!

I have been running my five mile route all week to see how long it takes me, depending on the day and how I feel. It's been somewhat interesting. Monday (298)I ran it the regular direction. Easy at the start, a little hilly in the middle, easy at the end. It took me 45 minutes. Tuesday (299), pilates day, I ran out of time to do the whole thing, since I decided to run before pilates, and could only do a 4.5 mile run. I did it in the opposite, more hilly, direction. It took me 42 minutes, less the 1/2 mile. Wednesday, day 300!!!! I went out in the more challenging direction and ended up shaving off the last quarter mile big hill. So... it took me 43 minutes, but I lamed out a little. Thursday, making only 63 days left to go, I did the route, again in the opposite direction to try to get a real time. It took me 48 minutes. I was a little surprised that my time was 3 minutes longer, but I am having PMS and I think that makes me feel a little sluggish. So, tomorrow, I'll try the normal way and see what I come up with.

I am feeling a little funny about counting down the year this way. It makes it feel like the year has flown by. And, I'm really looking forward to the year being over so I can take a day off. I started this as a healthy distraction from what I assumed was going to be a tough year, and the winter was. But the spring and summer and fall have all been really good. So, I didn't need the distraction. It's not as if it hurt me, but it sometimes feels silly. Maybe the winter months will prove that it's good I did it for a full year and not just a season or six months or what have you. I don't hope for that, but it is hard to say. The days lessening in light and the cool breezes in the air definitely have me fighting the winter dread (as well as my husband, who really gets affected by the season change). Running IS good for boosting the mood...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

If I could bottle it....

When you have a really good run... good energy throughout but feel worked at the end... weather nice (although not a necessity) the sense of euphoria is so wonderful and beneficial to the whole day. Unfortunately, it doesn't last as long as one might like and for me, at this point, I have to run 6 miles plus to get that feeling (most of the time). Sometimes I'm just so damn happy that I'm done with my run for the day (like last week when I was sick). But if I could bottle that sense of elation and pure energy, well...I'd be rich... and totally euphoric all the time... it would be nice...

I ran with a new person this week, which was fun. Mauri, who I have known for years, is a big fitness person but not a big runner (although she is six feet tall). We went out and kept a good pace for a quick four mile run (she is perpetually running behind so that was all the time we had). It was refreshing to run with someone new and Mauri just has such a bright and fun personality that the miles just flew by. If we had more time, I could have run for a long time with her, but she is not quite sure she is ready for that, but she's going to try next week.

I have 67 days left. I need new running shoes horribly, but I buy the most popular style and have the most average foot size... so hopefully they will be in next week. In the 297 consecutive days that I have run, my joints, hip and leg, have been doing really well. My feet, mostly, have as well (I did lose my left middle toenail and the right one is getting ready to go...). But when my running shoes are shot (which they are now) I can REALLY feel the difference. My left foot and knee start to bother me after about 2.5 miles and don't stop until I stop... good shoes are pretty darn important.

And again, I have to say, fall in Asheville is the most AMAZING time to run! Right now the world just looks on fire with the bright, beautiful colors of all the leaves. It is just so spectacular, I can't get over it (obvi, as all of my last few posts can attest). Now that I have run and cleaned my house, I am going to sit outside and enjoy another wonderful day in Asheville.

Monday, October 18, 2010

B.S. and shit

So... I had/have walking pneumonia. May explain why running has been so rough... but this close... waddaya do? but keep on running. This is where I am SO happy that three miles is the minimum, because at this point I can do three miles in my sleep. Which sometimes I wish I was. Anyway... Thursday (287) I had two cups of black tea in the late afternoon and TORE UP a five mile run. I mean, I had NO IDEA that black tea could have that effect. (I'm a little fired up this evening since I had to leave our restaurant early with my two exhausted children and make a "off the cuff" dinner while my husband and in laws dined at my place. And then, in this state, I emailed my BFF who hates me currently, so on fire...). Friday (288), sick, and I mean SICK again. Could barely run three miles. Same with Saturday. Sunday... a touch better. In laws back from dinner and have to go now... ciao.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

79 days to go....

Let's see... this week in running.... I'm not sure if I have mentioned it yet, but fall in Asheville is AMAZING! We had a little cooler weather over the weekend followed by some stunning, warm, bright, beautiful days. This is where, if you were not a runner/walker/exerciser you would have to be encouraged to GET OUT AND ENJOY! Anyhow, enough of my emoting about the weather. Saturday (282) the boys were out and about with friends and such so I took the opportunity to run (I've been getting really good at going running as soon as an opportunity presents itself). I went and did my five mile route in N. Asheville because I loooove getting to see how and when the leaves change, so staying on a consistent route gives me a really good opportunity. It was a fine run, but I noticed I was starting to feel a little puny again. I dosed myself with Vitamin C and echinacea and tried to take it easy. Sunday, I felt pretty awful. It's like the only way I seem to get sick, lack of energy, kinda crappy feeling but not all out bad. So, I just did an easy four mile run in the neighborhood (and even walked the big hill, shhh) I just kept going and finished, which was fine. But then later in the afternoon, I was done! I had to lie down and take a quick nap, which helped a little. Monday (284) was similar, except I took a nap before I ran, and that seemed to help. So, my four mile run on Monday was just a smidge more energetic (didn't walk the hill this time). Tuesday I was feeling a lot better and went on a long, hilly run with Jacob. He is always good for pushing me to run a little further and harder than I might otherwise. We ran for about an hour and did about 6.5 miles, again, they were very hilly. But we totally crushed some other runner up the big hill, it was pretty cool. So, today... I did my N. Asheville route backward, which makes it hilly in the beginning and end instead of the middle. It's nice to mix it up because coming from a different direction you notice different things about the trees and houses and such, or at least I do. I realized today, though, that with the time change coming up and the days being shorter and colder, it might just be a little more difficult to manage my time and my runs... but with 79 days left to go, I am certainly planning on figuring it out!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The shortest and longest three miles

So, running.... and running and running. The fall weather has made running easier. I can go pretty much at any time of day without much difficulty with either heat or cold. It makes running more convenient when temperature is not a big factor. But I do know that the last few days/weeks of my goal will probably not hold the same beneficial temperature. But I will just stay present. Let's see... I was sick last week, just a mild stomach thing with a real low grade temperature, but making myself get out of bed to run was VERY difficult. It was like many other runs, and once I was started, it was fine to keep going. I only did three miles, but it went by relatively quickly. In fact, it felt short. I don't know if it was because my head and body were somewhere else or what, but I was pleasantly surprised when I was back at my driveway and finished with day 274. However, when I stopped running my head immediately started spinning and I felt as if I might pass out. I had to sit down but then my stomach started turning and I had to get up and then I had to throw up and then I had to sit down again and then I felt hot as hell and had to try and strip off all of my clothes and then I got terribly chilled and had to find a blanket and then I had to use the bathroom (not to throw up but equally as unpleasant) and then I had to lie down and then I was so thirsty I couldn't stand it. And I went through the hot flash/cold flash/lie down/sit up thing for quite a bit. I didn't think I was going to be okay, in fact for a minute there I just wanted someone to club me over the head. Things started to calm down after a bit and I just stayed in bed for the rest of the day. I was a little afraid to run the next day, but I was feeling better and I did the neighborhood 5k and only felt slightly lightheaded and chilled afterward. Then I wasn't sick anymore and had a beautiful 5.5 mile run on Sunday (day 276). We went to Atlanta on day 277, I did pilates first and then ran four miles so I would have plenty of time to pack for our trip. In Atlanta, Jacob and I ran 4.5 miles to get our car that we had left at the restaurant. It is nice to run in another city. We ran through their botanical gardens and around this recreational park. And through a pretty nice neighborhood. The last mile wasn't as nice as it was in a very busy commercial part of town. But then we were at the car and drove it back to the hotel (having had a little much wine for driving the night before). The second night in Atlanta, we went to another concert. That show did not start until 11:40 and went until almost 1 am. We got back to the hotel and got to bed about 1:30. We had to get up at 6 to drive back and get to work. And let me just tell you that I DO NOT function very well on less than 7 hours sleep. I felt like I was sleep walking all day and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. But I couldn't. The boys had drum lessons and football games and there was shit to do. oh, and I had to run. And that brings me to the longest three miles I can remember running. Day 280, I ran so slow and so aimlessly that I wasn't really sure if I was going to finish. The run felt interminable. And all I was was tired, really tired. The run only took me 35 minutes but it felt like an hour. I was sooooo happy when I got in my bed that night. And now I'm back to just enjoying this beautiful, and I mean beautiful, Asheville fall weather. I had a great run yesterday, day 281, 5 miles. And I plan on a great run today and maybe even a long run tomorrow. I love fall in Asheville!