Thursday, November 11, 2010

315 days, five states

New York was wonderful! I had a great time with my friends. And running in Central Park was awesome. It is so full of people running, walking, cycling. It's a fun change of pace. I ran on Friday (309) in the park around the boathouse and another inner loop. Just running and sight seeing. And the NYC marathon was in two days, so I was running with all these folks who were training, speaking different languages, the whole awesome NY experience. Then the second day in NY (310), I ran the long outer route. And played my favorite park game... see who I can catch. I find someone in front of me and catch them and then I catch the next person and the next. So on and so forth. Well, in Central Park on marathon weekend, that is quite a challenge! I was able to catch a lot of women and a few men, but there were definitely plenty I could not catch. It was a fun run and running by women who look like they need to eat a sandwich (or 40) is always satisfying. So on Sunday, we went to Stamford and I got to run in this really cool park reserve of sorts. I ran on some pretty technical trails, which I have mostly avoided doing at this point to avoid ankle twisting. So, my pace was slowed and I ran about 4.2 miles and kept my accommodating travelers waiting perhaps longer than they would have liked. But, it was good and then we went and had an excellent lunch followed by cheese and port. I was in heaven! Being in Connecticut makes it five states that I have been in this year. NC, SC, GA, NY and CT. Pretty neat.

We had to leave NY, unfortunately, but c'est la vie. So back at home... Monday after an EARLY flight, I did just 3.2 miles. My pace was fine and the weather was even finer! Tuesday, a run with Mauri, who is just so funny that it's easy to run with her. We did 4.5 miles and then I went straight to pilates. Wednesday (314) did my favorite N. Asheville route, and again the weather was amazing. And now, day 315 finished four miles in 35 minutes. The weather again is unseasonably warm and AWESOME! I know I am getting spoiled. But with 50 days to go I'm feeling rather buoyant about the whole affair. And sometimes surprised that it has been this many consecutive days. It's kind of crazy really.

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