Friday, July 30, 2010

I almost forgot...the routine!

Today is the first day that I actually almost forgot to go take a run (day 211)! It was like it just slipped my mind. I got home from work and I was tired and not feeling well. I had all this stuff to do to get ready for family to visit and then for traveling to the beach. I was cleaning, and paying bills and hanging out with Atticus. I was starting to think about what I should make for dinner, and then I remembered... I hadn't even been out to run yet! I guess it has become such a part of my routine that I sort of take it for granted. So, anyway, I went out at about 7:50 and had the absolute BEST run that I have had in a while. It was soooo nice out, the air was warm but not too humid. The neighborhood has that slight transitional hush of people moving from their work days into their down time. Traffic is slow and sparse. The lightening bugs were starting to come out and I had the most idyllic, relaxing, rejuvenating run. It reminded me what I love about running. I was able to run for 6 miles before the sun's setting made me feel like I should turn home. I really, really, really needed that kind of a run! And to think I almost forgot! I guess I would have gone at anytime that I remembered, but at 10:30 would've been really tough.

On day 209, I learned that if you go running right, and I mean right, after a thunderstorm has ended and before the sun comes out again fully, you can have an enjoyable, cool run. But the window is short. When I went out after the storm, I did five miles, and that last mile to mile and a half started to climb in temperature, and with the beauty of cool air that comes with the thunderstorm, the humidity kicks in fully! Small window.

Day 210 was pretty uneventful. I had to squeeze in a four miler quickly before having a "date" night with Atticus. A routine run... as many of them have been. Kind of like brushing your teeth every night or feeding the dogs every morning. Routine.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a running we will goooooo

Days 203 to 208:

HOT! HOT! HOT! I mean, seriously, hot. I have had to run earlier in the morning than I like to get moving, just to make it tolerable. I have pretty much stayed right at 4.5 miles most of these 90 degree days, because I just can't quite eek out any more than that in the heat. We went to the lake house again for the weekend and it was 101. 107 with heat index. It was beastly. But, at least after a straight, hot, boring four and a half miler I could hop in the lake and cool off. So, it was definitely bearable. Then, when we returned to Asheville, we had this great thunderstorm late in the afternoon that actually cooled things down, so it was only about 82 when I went out to run, the humidity was pretty high still, but better nonetheless. It was still cool this morning and I was up early anyway (the horn on our car decided it should indiscriminately honk for 45-60 seconds at a time, without any say so by the driver. We got up early this morning to take the car so that we wouldn't get stuck behind somebody at a light when the horn decided to go off and look like we were being gigantic assholes blaring on our horn for no apparent reason.) So, it was around 74 and partly cloudy this am and the run was nice. I did 5 miles. If I didn't have pilates I could have done more, but I have a standing appointment I have to make... and so the 200's are moving right along.... I'm really excited about the prospect of being in the 300's! Better not get ahead of myself...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweat stinks

Day 200!!!! I don't know why round numbers seem like such an accomplishment, but they do. I went and ran 6 miles (got a little slow around that last mile) late in the evening. I had to wait until the heat subsided, just a little. So... I got out late, but had a nice, fun run with even a little breeze thrown in. And I was really grateful when it was all done... because it is HOT!

Day 201: Did pilates for an hour, then decided to get out on my run right away so, I could get it over with. Ran 5 miles... but my legs were soooo tired from pilates, it was a slight struggle. Although, my time was decent. I did it in 45 minutes, so not too shabby. But the end was tough and my legs were really happy when I finally did get back home. Whew! But being done earlier in the day is really nice. Especially when old friends come to town!

Day 202: It is soooooo HOT! I am really not interested in running in this dang heat!!! I end up sweating so much and it runs into my eyes and runs down my legs, ugh! It's gross. And I cannot wear my running gear for more than one day (usually I try for two or three) without it being soaked through. I do prefer the heat to the cold, but for exercising, it is more of a challenge. Oh well, I am heading out now... I'm aiming for a 6.5 N. Asheville run... we shall see how it goes.... blech...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

almost to day 200!!!

I have been struggling a little with the running everyday. When I travel, or go on vacation, I am less inclined to want to run. Fortunately, if I go with Jacob, he just down right refuses to let me give up, which is good.

I ran in Eastern North Carolina, and no matter how early you got up, if the sun was out, it was HOT!! It makes for slower running and a lot more sweating, but.... I still got in four miles both days that I was at the lake house.

Then Charleston, S.C. was there to point out how hot things could get. Running in Charleston was like running wearing a wet wool blanket. The only reprieve was that there was an ocean breeze and it's not like Asheville's air quality when it's that hot out, so my lungs didn't feel burned at the end, but I could hardly drink enough water throughout the day to recover the amounts lost while running (and I went out by 8:30!)

Then, back home again! It's been pretty hot here, but in comparison to the further east parts of the country, it is tolerable. I still am having difficulty running over five miles, especially if I don't get out early enough. I got new running shoes and socks (thanks to Jacob who went and got them for me!) and so my feet and legs are feeling good. After traveling in the car and sleeping on foreign beds, my hips are a little sore, but they recover pretty quickly. I'm hoping to get someone to run a long 8 to 9 mile run with me soon. I think that in the early fall (when the weather is more tolerable) I will have to recommit myself to lengthier runs on a regular basis... although the time issue is still something to consider. At this point, I can run up to five miles and stretch before and after and have spent slightly less than an hour, which is really about as much as I have to give at this point. But today is day 199, and I did my favorite N. Asheville five mile route. It was pretty out, not too hot, yet... and tomorrow is 200!

Maybe the half year hump is passing.... here's to hope!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot, hot, hot!

Day 186: the weather has definitely been nicer, but it is still pretty hot. I had to wait until about 7:30 to get out running. It is a very different experience running in the evening than other times. It is quiet, like the mornings, but in a more settled way. The mornings feel pregnant with possibility while the evenings feel peaceful and slow. It's fun running by people eating dinner on their porches, then I get to look forward to my dinner on the porch after running.

Day 187: again, I had to wait until late in the evening to run. I had pilates this morning and my legs were feeling really worked. So, at the end of my five and a half miles, I was ready to lie down and not use my legs any further.

Day 188: Did a morning run... although a little later in the morning then I meant to... and the temperature was rising fast. It was nice to run before the wind down of the evening... and to know that I would get to "chill" at the pool later and drink some rose... it's the little things in life that make one happy!

Day 189: Part of what I don't like about blogging, is that nothing exciting really happens on my runs. I was thinking about that today when I was out running. Most all of my runs are pretty uneventful, and I am happy for that, but it makes for boring recounting. If I were talking about other aspects of my life it might be more entertaining (although only slightly). But today's run was a little more eventful in that I ran wearing contacts for the first time. I don't know if the prescription is just right yet because distances were a little hard to gauge and so my footing was unsure. It was still beastly hot when I went out and so my running felt slow and sluggish and like I was suffering from vertigo... sounds fun, I know. but then I got home and realized I'd kept a decent 8.5 minute mile for my 4.5 miles. I was sure it was going to be a lot slower than that. So... maybe I'll get contacts that work or just scrap the whole idea... we shall see (just currently not very clearly).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Running as escape and distraction

Days 167 to 185: I am halfway through the year!!!! It feels really good to be here. Now, each day when I run I feel like I am getting closer to my goal. It's funny how fast the year is flying by... now, sometimes when I dread running, it feels like it's been going on forever. But by and large, it is zooming away.

With the boys at camp, I was sure getting in my runs would be easier. And many days it is, not having children time constraints as a consideration for my day. But, somehow, I have managed to work a lot of the time... picking up shifts, covering for people, being called in because my kids are gone, blah blah... and so that has made many days squeezed. However, when my in-laws invited themselves for a visit, it was a GREAT excuse to escape my house. I took some really great, long runs on those days! Otherwise, my minimum at this point is about 4.5 miles. And most days that is what I do, but some days I add a mile and a half, depending on my time and how hot it is outside. That is one thing about the summer days, if I don't get out on my run first thing in the morning, then I have to wait until 7:30 to run. Except for today, where I had to run in the heat of the day, since I've been called into work. Apparently other restaurants in town decided to close for the Fourth of July... and so we are one of the few places open... and therefore, overbooked. Oh boy! I figured I had better stop cleaning my house (which is MUCH needed) and get out to run and then leave myself time to blog. Ya know something always has to give when you run around like a chicken with your head cut off... and for me, that is maintaining this blog. I wanted to do the blog to help encourage myself to keep running. But I have found that since most of my friends and many of my acquaintances know about my plight, that has been enough to keep me motivated. The last thing I want to say is, "No, I didn't run today, because....". Even when my really bad hangover the other day made me feel like my head would explode with every step (hangovers killing my goal would be the lamest excuse of all...)

So, anyway... I'd better get ready for work!