Wednesday, November 3, 2010

two months more to go

I'm a little too excited to blog at the moment. I'm heading to New York tomorrow for a long weekend with my girlfriends, and well, it is difficult to sit still. This worked well for my run this afternoon. It's sort of gray and cold outside (not really cold, about 60) but the kind of day where you want to be lazy... and normally I would want to be lazy, but I'm so pumped up for my trip running was a breeze. The leaves still have some color and makes the world feel brighter than it is. And 60 weather is a pretty perfect temperature for running. I don't overheat or drench myself in sweat. And with less than two months left to go, I am happy for the temperate days. Running in New York should be fun. We are staying not too far from Central Park, so I can run in the park, which is always nice. And then on Sunday, when we go to Stamford, I will get to run in the countryside. All in all, lots to be excited about!
And I feel pretty positive that this is going to be a mild winter. So, running outside will be a breeze! Hope does spring eternal, no?

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