Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach time is almost here!!!!

Day 143: Sunday, bloody Sunday. No, not really. Sunday was pretty nice. Not too hot when I went out to run. I got out late morning and did a 5.5 mile North Asheville route that has just the first part of Sunset and then I cut back down quickly, so not too hilly, but not too easy.

Day 144: Man... it is getting hot in the afternoons... I took a short nap on the porch and then strapped on my shoes to get out before the rain hit. Nothing quite like rain to motivate. I ran into downtown, which is fun... just not at "commute home time". It wasn't bad... just a little more hectic than I expected.

Day 145: I went out and ran 4.5 miles before Pilates this morning. I think my running shoes need to be replaced since my legs are feeling fatigued and my left knee is achy. But, it was nice to be done after pilates, and then I went to get my leg and pubic hair ripped out of my body to get ready for the beach!!!!! I'm already gone in my mind... I just have to get all my shit done before I go...

Day 146: Yep. Definitely need new running shoes. Everything was hurting today... knees, hips, calves, etc. etc. But I was trying to get in five or more miles since I am going to try wearing a bikini in two days (like it will make a difference at this point...). Anyhow, I ran 4.8 and was sooooo glad to be done. And, it took me about 50 minutes, which is slow for my current pace. But, I am closer to going to the beach and tomorrow I'm running with Melissa, which will be a nice change of pace. And then... I get to go to the BEACH!!!! (It is probably not obvious that I am ready to go...)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A runner, yes... a blogger, well... not so much

Again, life is hectic and then when I have quiet moments I would rather sit on my porch in the sunshine (which I am perfecting the 10 minute "old man" porch nap), so I haven't been up for blogging as much. The weather here has been just absolutely awesome! So wonderful and sunny and mild, great running weather, but even better chilling on the porch weather. So the long and short of the last week....

day 135: had to do neighborhood laps again! Saturdays are turning out to be harder days to get in a fun run. I am taking care of multiple boys and have to be centrally located at the house. It is also one of the only days I have for cleaning. So this Saturday I did 3 of the loops and called it good!

Day 136: since yesterday was so light, I decided to run up Sunset (which ends up being right at 8.5 miles.) It was a beautiful morning and a really nice run. I was pretty whooped afterwards but glad I went out on a long run (finally!)

Day 137: The soreness of my legs kept me to running just a little over 3.5 miles. I was keeping a good pace with Jacob, but then I was done after 30 minutes. So, I stopped and went home to sit on my porch (which you may have guessed is one of my all time FAVORITE things to do).

Day 138: Ran four miles after pilates. My legs were still feeling a little worked, but stronger than yesterday. Good run, fine pace. No real news to report.

Day 139: Did a variation of my five mile route into N.Asheville. Again... weather was awesome, I was feeling fine. All in all pretty good.

Day 140: Morning run with Melissa. Did a 4.5 North Asheville run. Kept a decent pace. A little slower than I do normally, but a little faster than Melissa has run in the past. Pretty nice.

Day 141: Misty, cool morning. Had to get my act together and get out on a run early. I thought I had to take the carpool so I just did a quick four mile run into downtown. Got home just as the rain was starting to come down. Good timing!

Day 142: Another dang Saturday. Today was different in that I got stuck working at the sandwich shop for several hours due to a street festival. Then, of course, the boys were out running about so I needed to stay close to home (again!). But the festival made it so my "lap" was a little larger than I usually do and the weather is mild enough I did four loops, which I am guessing gets me at about 4.5 miles. Not too bad. But the Saturday lap thing is slightly lame. Summer camp is coming up pretty soon, and then I won't even have to worry about it. So, I can handle a few more Saturdays like this one.

Friday, May 14, 2010

New routes and new running buddies

Day 131: I'm enjoying just making up new routes as I run. I don't have a pedometer, so I am mostly running for time and then try to go back and check my miles. Today I ran for 48 minutes. I think it was about five miles. I just tried to run on streets I don't normally run on, which I could do about 1/2 the time. It's nice just to do new things.

Day 132: I ran with my friend Eloise today, which was nice. She runs an average of 2.25 miles at a time, so we just did the neighborhood 5k. It was the perfect temperature for running and fun to run with someone new. We went out early in the morning, which is really the best way to do it.

Day 133: We went to a show last night and were out late, so I didn't get up early to run... which was a mistake. It made my afternoon really hectic and I was frustrated about trying to fit in my run. It's days like these that make me want to throw in the towel. It was hot and muggy when I got done with work; I had to go to a soccer game way out in BFE... so I should have gotten up early anyway. But, I got out and did only the neighborhood 5k, which I am trying to run more than. It was a decent run in that I kept a good pace, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have otherwise.

Day 134: So, I didn't make the same mistake twice. I got up and went out early with Melissa. We ran about 4.5 miles (again, it was more about time... we ran for almost 48 minutes). We did this downtown run that I have done one other time and it was really fun. She is going to plan on running with me on both Thursday and Friday mornings, which may be just the encouragement I need to make sure to get out early. Those two days are the hardest in the week to get out on a run if I don't do it in the AM. So, having an external motivator should be just what I need!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot and Cold

Day 127: FRIDAY! My girlfriends were going to come hang out this afternoon, so I had to get out on my run as soon as I got home. It was pretty hot and muggy... and it was a code orange ozone day (which means it is bad to exercise outside). So, I started out all on fire and raring to go. I decided to do a five mile route I've been enjoying and was keeping a great clip. I definitely noticed the weight in my lungs. The air really feels thick and oppressive on those poor air quality days. It really sucks! I certainly hope that there aren't too many of those... because I am not really interested in damaging my lungs... by RUNNING! It's just baffling.

Day 128: The life of a mother... my kids were out and about in the neighborhood hanging and playing with friends, but not in such a way that I could really get out and run. So, much, much, much later in the day then I had wanted to go, I went out and basically did laps in my 'hood. I have a one mile loop and I ran it four times, so I could run by the house and check in. It wasn't all bad, in fact in some ways it was kind of fun, but that last loop was kind of boring.

Day 129: Sunday. Mother's Day. It was a beautiful, but really cool day. Jacob had to work all day (and I only threw myself a small pity party), so I went out for five miles and tested how quickly I could do it. (Ya know, boys sitting at home watching a movie... ) So, I ran the five mile route backward for variety and did it in right at 45 minutes. So, decent... but not quite as good as I wanted it to be. And then, I went to see Iron Man, 'cuz I sure do love that Robert Downey Jr.!

Day 130: It feels like late fall out there today! It was drizzly and cold! How bizarre for May 10th. I took a nap after work since I was feeling like I might be getting a migraine or coming down with something. And then I went out on a 4.25 mile run mostly in my neighborhood. My pace was good and I warmed up quickly... but it is still bizarre to see people walking around in sweaters.... SWEATERS! I mean, honestly, I think they might be overreacting a little... it is still almost 60... but I understand their point. And then it is supposed to be 80 on Wednesday... odd, just odd. As long as their is a breeze, I can take it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been putting off blogging for soooo long. Running has been really enjoyable in this spring weather (almost every time)but for some reason sitting down to blog about it is not. So, it has been a week and a half since my last confession, I mean blog.... and I have run everyday. Most days I am hitting about 4.5 miles. I have this new North Asheville route that I like and can encourage myself to run more than I might otherwise.

I can mostly remember the last week and a half.... day 115: 5 miles around GPI to try and catch another glimpse of our President, no luck.
Day 116: did my old N. Asheville route which is technically 4.85 miles. Day 117: Jacob and I did the neighborhood 5k after pilates because we had stuff to do. Day 118: four miles. barely had time to fit that in. crazy, running around like a chicken with head cut off day. Day 119: early morning, beautiful run. 48 plus minutes, unsure of the mileage, but was keeping a good pace. Day 120: hot, humid afternoon. slightly grumpy about running went up into N. Asheville and pushed myself for 45 minutes. Day 121: got out even when I didn't want to go, up into N. Asheville again and ended up having a decent run. Day 122: Sunday, went up Sunset, not the full 8.5 miles, but a healthy 6.5. Nice day. Day 123: Jacob and I went out late in the evening, started out separately but then met up and did a few sprints back home, right at 4.5 miles. Day 124: Did the 5k after pilates, because again, I didn't have much time on my "day off". Day 125: Had our 5 year anniversary party last night... so, I was pretty foggy this day. I went out and ran four rather unpleasant miles. I was glad when it was over. Day 126: Today. Thursday. I get out early and even though it takes me a few minutes to get going, it is always a nice run. Something about the early morning light is so rejuvenating and awesome. I did five miles and still got to work when I wanted to, all in all a good run.