Saturday, April 24, 2010


Day 112: Thursdays and Fridays I take it easy and run in the mornings. It's good to get it done, since I am soccer mom in the afternoon. But somewhat unexciting today. 3.5 quiet miles. The spring here is really taking it's time and is exceptionally beautiful!

Day 113: I was too tired this morning to get up and go, so I didn't. Then this afternoon I was pretty pissed off about having to go. It was hot and I was "aggro" and uninterested. I got myself out and pretty much hated the entire 5k. I should have waited until it was cooler at around 7:30, but I thought it was possible the President would come into dinner at my restaurant and I wanted to be ready!

Day 114: this morning I was thinking about giving up this dumb, self-proclaimed project. I was sitting on my porch, enjoying the wind blowing the petals off my ornamental cherry tree and thinking about how stupid this idea is... but I decided not to throw in the towel just yet. I figured I would go run around the Grove Park Inn golf course on the off chance that I would see the President... AND I DID!!!!! It was sooooo cool. I am still surprised at the effect it had on me. But seeing him, no more than 20ft from me, smiling, playing golf, waving at us spectators, was just sooo neat. I was really exhilarated afterward and had goosebumps and ran really fast. I was so glad that I went out on my run today. I'm so glad I made myself! And I got the coolest reward for it. And even though it seems so out of character for me to get sooo excited about seeing our President up close... I was... and still am a little... the rumors are still swirling that he might come to our restaurant.... I'm too excited to think about the possibility!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ho, hum...

Day 109: Monday.... worked and then went on a run this afternoon. My legs were a little tired, so I think mornings are better, but I cannot always be that motivated to get out to run. I ran 5.5 miles in North Asheville. Beautiful day, fine pace. Ya know, nothing too exciting.

Day 110: Pilates Tuesday. Jacob and I went and did pilates again and then took about a four mile run in West Asheville. It was fun. I kept up pretty well. There were some pretty good hills. It was a beautiful, drizzling spring day. The temperature was maybe 60, perfect running weather.

Day 111: Ran five miles with Melissa this morning. She's been off of running too much, so it was a little slower than I would have liked, but nice. It was quite cool this morning, just a little above 50. Nothing too exciting to report. My legs are holding up pretty well. The spring weather is honestly the best for running and I am having no real issues running four plus miles. Ho, hum...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Morning runs and the Steeple Chase

Day 106: Another good morning run. I did four miles and enjoyed it. It's nice to have my run out of the way. My legs were feeling much better today and my pace wasn't too slow, but it wasn't as fast as I would like either. But things are definitely feeling improved.

Day 107: Steeple Chase! Which basically means I sat in the sun all day with friends and drank mint juleps and Pimm's cups. It was a lot of fun, but I neglected to run in the morning before we left... bad idea... so, when we got back to town around 6, I still had not run. Everyone was still hanging out and having a good time, so I borrowed a pair of running shoes and a jog bra and had an interesting, inebriated run. It's similar to running with a severe head cold, but a little more entertaining. Things are a little funnier when you are shnockered, so it wasn't too annoying that there wasn't any sidewalks and cars were passing a little too close. I was making sure to run carefully so I didn't have any missteps, since my head felt like a helium balloon. I borrowed Atticus' watch and ran straight up the street for 16 minutes and then turned around and came back. I am not even sure how far I ran. It was a bizarre run... but I broke a sweat and kept a fine pace... and didn't skip a day. Next time, I may choose to get up early instead... but then I just went right back to imbibing... it was a pretty fun day... and definitely doable only once a year!

Day 108: I'm feeling a little sleepy and slow today (no idea why...) and it was difficult to get motivated, but that's what Jacob is good for. The boys were out playing at friend's houses, so we took the opportunity to go out together. We did a little over 5.5 miles in a pretty good pace. I stayed with him for most of the run and fell behind in the last mile and a half. The weather was gorgeous (again! not that it ever gets old!) and it was nice to run with somebody. Jacob somehow manages to get me out on routes I don't normally take and need to remember when I am out running by myself. And now, I can take a nap on the porch... gotta love Sundays!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, yeah...

Day 104: I got this wickedly large splinter of treated wood in the bottom of my foot from my front porch and Jacob had to cut my foot and pull it out... it was awful. So, when I went running today, I had to concentrate on my foot hitting in such a way as not to hit my irritated wound. It made for an interesting four miles. My legs weren't feeling great but they weren't as bad as the day before. I am really feeling slow these days. I think I am running closer to 9.5 minute miles instead of moving closer to 9 and under. It's interesting... I'm still hoping this slump ends soon.

Day 105: I got out early this morning. It was a beautiful spring morning. Birds chirping, flowers budding, pollen everywhere... although it bothers me a lot less than it bothers others. My legs didn't hurt and I had a nice four mile run. I realized while I was running that I finally got my multi-vitamin and have been taking it for five days now, and that may have some effect on my legs and muscles and overall energy for running. Duh, right? Well, anyway I hope it has a positive effect, at the very least, morning runs seem to be a better way to go. So, I'll try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Day 102: Today sucked!!!! My legs are shot. I'm sick of running and having my legs hurt and feel like useless lead bricks. I have to say that I am close to giving up. I don't want to run and have it be soooo horrible. This past week, I had one day where my legs didn't feel sore and worn out and it felt good to run. I think my legs are done. Maybe it's just a bump in the road, but I am feeling really sick of it.

Day 103: I did pilates today for the first time, it was really cool. Both Jacob and I were sore afterward, but felt really invigorated. We went on a run following our session. The weather is beautiful. My legs felt a little better, but still a little sore. Jacob made me run stairs, which I hate. But we got in five miles and then treated ourselves to a big lunch. All in all a pretty good day. And, like I said, the weather is amazing!!!! I'm going to try running in the mornings before work and see if that doesn't have some effect on the lameness in my legs. If not... I just don't know...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vacation and 100 days

Day 95: Went out this a.m. before coffee, which I try not to do as I am a serious coffee addict. Ran four miles in good time. It was fun. Birds were chirping, tulips are budding, beautiful... and then I have to get ready for VACATION.

Day 96: Drove into FL, hit the beach for a few hours, and made it to Disney by 5:30. Clair and I had a cocktail, unpacked the bags, got the boys to the pool, and then took a run. The cocktail had the effect of making everything seem easy and rosy. We didn't run for more than 35 minutes, but it was fun and easy. A perfect vacation run.

Day 97: We went to Universal studios today. I can tell you that I am NOT an amusement park person. Crowds are not my favorite thing and I can handle some of the rides. It was a full day of battling crowds, sun and walking. We got back to the room at 6:45 and I was feeling pretty beat. I put on my shoes and went for it. The temperature was perfect, the sun was low on the horizon, and the resort where we stayed (a fake version of New Orleans) was perfect for running. It was full of foliage and I could run along the "riverbank". My legs pretty much felt like rubber, but I did it. And having a little time to myself was a welcome reprieve.

Day 98: I made the smart choice and ran this morning before we went to the parks. Again, the weather could not have been more perfect. And I went a little further and explored more of the resort where we are staying. I got some strange looks, and I did note that I only saw one other person running the entire time I was there... I guess it isn't always a priority.

Day 99: Water park day! It started out cool and rainy, so the crowds were minimal. The sun finally broke through the clouds and I did some fun slides with my boys. I had a few beers in the afternoon and a lot of time in the sun, so again my run was a "vacation run". It was slow and easy and my limbs flung around me like wet socks. I sweat and was breathing hard and was happy when it was done. And, now I am over running at Port Orleans.

Day 100: It took 12.5 hours to get back, instead of 9.5. Dallas got sick with a stomach thing, and then Clair got sick with the same thing. We got four hours of sleep before we left, and everyone was shot when we got back. I unpacked the car and put on my shoes, because I knew if I got to comfortable in the house, I would not go. I REALLY, REALLY did not want to go. So, I compromised and did the neighborhood 5k. The weather in Asheville this evening was stunning! The sun was going down, you could hear the tree frogs a chirpin', there were lots of folks out running, and it was good to be home. My legs are definitely feeling the use of theme park walking, but getting out of the car was a good thing. Have you ever noticed, though, how sitting in the car all day makes you feel more like sitting then standing? It's funny how the leg fatigue sets in after a long car ride.

Day 101: I got out on my five mile route and definitely got bugs in my teeth from smiling so much while running. It was good to be on familiar ground, nice to run when I wanted to, and good that my legs were feeling strong. The weather right now is AWESOME! It's 72 and sunny, but not humid or muggy, not too hot and just a little cool with a light breeze. In short, perfect running weather. I had a great day getting things done and ready to start my week, and then, a good run. All in all a grreat Sunday.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mabye massage is the answer

Day 92: Fine day. Did four miles quickly while the kids were out hanging with various friends. It was soooo beautiful outside and the trees are budding... just awesome. My legs are still feeling pretty heavy and lame. So, my run wasn't as much fun as it could be... I also realized I have forgotten my multi-vitamin for the last few days and I am sure that has an effect. So, I'll try to get back on that and see if that doesn't help my legs feel less tired.

Day 93: I went out for six miles, since I hadn't done a long run this week yet. And I am going for my 90 minute massage tonight, so I want to feel like I really deserve it. It was an okay run. I didn't have to stop and I didn't have to keep coercing myself to keep moving, but it felt slow and less energetic than I would have liked. I'm hoping my massage gives me some much needed relief (still haven't gotten my vitamins...)

Day 94: I did six miles again today because I may not be able to fit it in any other time this week, with traveling to Florida and all. My legs definitely felt better today. They were feeling much lighter and mobile. I didn't really run that much faster than yesterday (58 minutes yesterday; 56 minutes today) but it just felt a lot nicer. I'm guessing that the massage helped relieve some lactic acid build up and will hopefully continue to work its way out over the next few days. I will probably end up sticking to 1/2 hour runs the entire time I travel, so it is not a pain in the ass to my traveling companions. I'm really looking forward to a new place to run!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Quarter Down

Day 90: Gorgeous weather... perfect temperature, sun shining, just absolutely wonderful! I had just about 45 minutes to fit in my run, so I went out for a good, even four and a half mile run. I ended up shaving the last half mile off, because my legs and hips are really aching and uncomfortable. I am about to start my joyous monthly flow, and I think it is possible that is part of the issue. I also wonder if the lactic acid in my legs needs some help getting out. I'm not sure. Either way, I feel like I am at a plateau that I am looking forward to coming out of.

Day 91: Another fabulous day in Asheville! It was 80! Blue skies and bright sun. It's like everyone in Asheville found the elixir of life or something. I did not run into one grumpy soul today. I went out late this evening to run (thank you daylight savings...) the air was cooling down a bit and it was beautiful. I did four miles. But again, it was kind of grueling. I'm surprised at my ability to persevere when it sucks... I manage to keep going... but it's really not much fun. I prefer it when I am exhilarated from a run as opposed to just being thankful that it is over. I hope this point I am in ends soon... I imagine being in Florida next week and having completely new places to run will make things a little more interesting, or at least I hope so. I made an appointment for an hour and a half massage (my treat to myself for getting through the first quarter) and I'm hoping that will help revive my legs a little. My feet are also a little achy... but nothing that keeps me from running...yet...