Friday, November 26, 2010

35 days to go!

I have had a pretty good run of runs the last few days. On Sunday, I ran up Sunset, which was beautiful. It is an 8.5 mile run, up hill for the first 3 miles, and I absolutely kicked it's ass! I was really surprised with how not tired and sore I felt for the rest of the day. It wasn't like I'd even worked that hard. Normally after running up Sunset, I am totally beat. But not now... Monday I kicked Melissa's ass on a run. She was doing pretty well for the first 2 miles, but the second two she got pretty far behind me and I kept having to circle back and meet up with her. It was still fun to run with a friend. Then Tuesday, after pilates, I did my five mile route as quickly as I could to get an idea how fast I could run the gallop and gorge on Thanksgiving day. I forgot to bring a watch and forgot to check the time before I left, so it was difficult to tell, but I was able to push myself pretty hard the whole run and felt good at the end. Wednesday, just did a light and easy four miles. Stayed up late partying with my cousins, being a little overconfident in my abilities to run, and so I was tired on Thursday morning. The race started at 8 am, which seems silly to me to start so early on Thanksgiving. I mean why not start at 9 or 10, right? I was tired and not really looking forward to running 7 minute miles. Jacob and I were going to try and finish it in 35 minutes, that was the plan. Needless to say, I let Jacob follow through with that plan and I ran with my cousins at 8 minute miles, which is really pretty good considering I normally run 9 to 9.15 minute miles. I finished in 40 minutes, and was really glad it was over and on to the "gorging" part of the day. Again, we stayed up late partying with my aunts and uncles and cousins and the mayor. We had to leave Chapel Hill at 6:30 this morning to get to work and the bed we sleep on is not very comfortable, so I'm a little cranky today. When I got home this afternoon after work, it was cold and gray, and as I've mentioned before I don't always like running on Friday afternoons... all this to say it took A LOT of motivation to get me out the door! Fortunately, the boys wanted me to drop them off at the theater and I knew that was the best chance to go... and so, I did.... really, really wishing I could take a day off! But, I can't... yet. I ran a really slow, pretty lame 5k in the 'hood. It wasn't exactly fun, but it is over now. Tomorrow I'll be more rested and it will be easier to run, I think. Either way 35 days left to go!

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