Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ugh, where does my time go?

It is really difficult to blog when I am in a bad mood.... so, I didn't blog on Friday (day 85). I was tired; the weather was gray and yucky. I just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. My legs were still feeling off and my motivation was low... so a slow, short run. I was frustrated... and Saturday(Day 86)... good run, cold weather, then I got a migraine.... Sunday(day 87).... rainy... did a really nice downtown run... it was only four miles but really nice.... Monday (day 88) ran with Jacob... we'd been out late at a concert the night before... but really tired... ran 5 miles of some serious hills... then had to grocery shop, make dinner, blah blah... today... awesome run... beautiful weather... was only gonna do four miles... did five and KICKED ZILLICOA'S ASS!!!!(the big hill I hate in Asheville)... but now people are coming over... I have no time... so, it is hard to blog... but I did.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gimme, gimme, more... gimme more...gimme, gimme more

Day 82: Beautiful day! Absolutely the opposite of yesterday. Sunny, warm, wonderful. I had all this office work to do that I blew off to sit on the porch in the sunshine. Wonderful! I didn't want to leave my sunny perch to run (which was not aided by the fact that my husband was rounding up the usual suspects to play Boccie ball and drink beer). But I got out, like a good girl, and ended up having an exceptionally nice run. I ran five miles in 43 minutes. I felt strong and light and really enjoyed being outside. I may have run longer if I wasn't thinking about buddies and beer. The only down side was that that Britney Spears song, "Gimme more" (or something or other) was stuck in my head for almost the entire run. And since I do not know any of the other words... I had to suffer through the staccato lines of gimme, gimme, more; gimme more, gimme, gimme more... and that was it. Nonetheless, today was one of those days I was happy to be alive... and running.

Day 83: Another beautiful day in Asheville. I had several obligations, so I just went out and did the 5k that I do and add another 1/4 mile to make it 3.5. My legs were feeling a little sore, but mostly it was good. It took me just under 30 minutes.

Day 84: Some days feel like I am "on punishment". Today was one of those. My house: messy! My workplace: detritus! My boys: crazy! My work: undone! I wasn't feeling really motivated and my lower calf muscles were screaming at me the whole time. I did the light, easy stride that feels like a more "relaxed" run. I ran just three miles today, and felt everyone of them. I was happy when it was over... and hoping for a better day tomorrow. Oh, and it spit rain at me the whole time... at least it was 55!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Snow?

Day 80: I got up early so I could run with Melissa before my big brunch date with my boys. We ran 6 miles of some good hills in W. Asheville. It was a nice run and we made some pretty good time. It was about 55 minutes, which for the hilly terrain is pretty good. Then I went to the Grove Park for brunch, which was definitely enjoyed by my children. For me, being around that much food (two rooms full) makes me lose my appetite. So, the experience was nice....

Day 81: It's snowing!!!! I really do not want to wear the ninja suit anymore for awhile! I was really glad I took a long run yesterday, so that today I can just go out and run for 30 minutes. I ended up enjoying the run a lot more than I thought it would. It was not as cold as I thought it was gonna be and the snow was really a piddly effort, and was therefore just pretty. My legs were feeling good; I was feeling strong, and I got my four mile run done in 35 minutes. Buhdowh. And my first quarter is almost done!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde

How two days of running could be so vastly different....

Day 78: Being in the 70's feels good... Friday. Sunny. Warm. Excellent day for a run. My girlfriends were going to be heading over for the beginning of Friday night porch time, which happens early Spring to late, late Fall or early winter. Sometimes we do it on Saturdays, but mostly it happens on Fridays. So, I was ready when I got home from work to get out, to get running. And, I did. There was just one problem. The five mile route I had planned on doing had to be cut short because my legs felt like lead bricks. I mean nothing good was coming out of them today. I ended up doing a 3.5 mile route and kind of hating it. I was slightly frustrated, except I remembered that I have run through snow, ice, torrential rain, well below freezing temperatures and while very sick. I have run more than I honestly would have ever expected. I have surprised myself on many occasions, so I took today in stride. I would rather my legs not feel like 50 lb flour bags, but sometimes they do. I was happy when the run was over and I took a little nap in the sun on the porch before my shower. One thing I did realize, however, is that I really didn't stretch enough the last few days. So I did make sure to stretch adequately today.
And then I hung out with my girlfriends, it was great!

Day 79: So, today I decided to take it light and easy. Give my legs some easy running...as I am planning on a long run tomorrow (and then a gigantic brunch... which we can discuss later why I haven't lost any weight on this project, ahem....) Anyway, it was sunny and amazing again today. I spent way too much time in the sun. Got a little sunburn. I sanded the outdoor tables for the patio at the coffee shop and thought about not running. I thought about how nice it would be to laze around and do nothing else for the day. And as I was thinking this, my body was automatically suiting up for running. I put on my jog bra, my shorts, tied up my shoes and then I was out the door. I have learned that once I get dressed I am as good as running. I went out to do the neighborhood 5k and ended up doing five miles because I was having such a nice run. My legs were light and mobile. I was enjoying letting my mind wonder and looking at people's landscaping. The weather could not have been more perfect. It was so Mrs. Hyde to yesterdays Dr. Jekyl. It was really awesome. I made sure to stretch thoroughly afterward, because I am hoping for a really good run tomorrow. And, I'm almost at day 80... although, that does still mean I am not even a third of the way yet....so, I'm afraid to get too excited. Ah, yes... I will always temper all excitement with reality... maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's not... maybe I'm Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde all on my own... hmmm, I guess I'll have to think about that on my run tomorrow...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 76: I was feeling pretty tired and slightly unmotivated today. I had this moment where I was just pissed off that I decided to do this. I am having a hard time accomplishing everything I need to and then I have to tie on my running shoes and get out the door. It can be very annoying at times. I went out and ran four miles. The weather was mild, which was good. But I was having a lot of joint pain and my legs were not really feeling it. So, at the end of my run. I took about a 10 minute walk. It was nice just to walk around, almost aimless. I got home, took a shower and did almost nothing until dinner. That was nice.

Day 77: Today is beautiful out. It is 63 degrees and almost sunny. I had two wine tastings this afternoon, which make for an interesting time. So, when I got home I knew that if I sat down I would get sleepy, so I just put on my gear and got out the door. It was a great run. I did five miles and didn't feel too tired or sore. i realized that the good aspect of requiring myself to run everyday means that I make myself stop working, or stop cleaning or doing whatever I think I HAVE to do. If I didn't make myself do this, I would so often neglect this important aspect of life. Obviously, it is easier to feel upbeat about it today since my run was so nice. And then I came home and no one was here... that is such a pleasant treat that I am not going to write anymore about it and go enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In laws and bullies

Day 72: Uneventful day. I did my usual 5 mile route. It was a little cool and overcast, but overall decent day. It was good to go out... knowing my in-laws were going to be descending upon us later in the day.

Day 73: In-laws in town, good day for a long run. Jacob went with me. It was about 45 degrees and only partly cloudy. Jacob took me out for a six mile,keep-up-with-me run. It was good. I didn't push quite as hard as I could have, but was worked. I made the mistake of telling Jacob that... so...

Day 74: I went out with Jacob again and he kicked my ass until the end. We did about 5.5 miles of a really hilly run. The weather was cold, AGAIN. But at least it was dry. My legs were sore afterward from all of the hills.

Day 75: I had less than 35 minutes to get my run done and take a shower since we had a meeting about bullying at my eldest son's school. (of which there are about 14 kids in the 6-8th grades and somehow bullying can still be an issue...) My legs were feeling fatigued and I was out of sorts from having house guests. (My in-laws sleep in the room where my computer is, and that kept me from blogging this past few days). I did the 5k in 30 minutes because of my legs and general energy level. So, I took a really quick shower and was still late to the meeting. It worked out alright, as I just bullied them all into repeating everything that I had missed... 75 days in... not too shabby.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Day 71: When I left work, it was misting but nice out. When I was just about to get my running clothes on... BOOM! Thunder and lightning and a downpour of rain. I waited for a bit to see if the lightning would pass and the rain would slow... and it seemed to. So, I took my chance. I wore a rain coat with the hood up to give me some protection from the rain. But I may as well not. I was probably soaked through by about the first mile. It was one of those rains that go sideways and upways and downways and everyways. And the thunder and lightning were just taking a momentary rest. It is a little scary to run in a thunderstorm. I know that driver's visibility is at a minimum. I took the hood of my raincoat down, because I was soaked anyway and my glasses were covered and it felt like it was impeding my ability to see by being up. I was planning on my 5 mile run, but ended up cutting it down to 4 because of how crazy it was out there. At one point, I was sure the lightning hit right behind me and the thunder clap that immediately followed scared the shit out of me, thankfully not literally. My feet were soaked, my hair was soaked and I felt like a drowned rat. When I got home, I was so happy to get out of my wet stuff that I forgot to check my time. I would guess it was relatively slow due to the conditions and my timidness when I can't see very well. It is supposed to rain for the next few days, which is fine with me as long as it doesn't get cold again!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring rain

Day 69: Some jokes could be made about today.... (69...) but I will skip those for now. I went running with a new buddy today. Jessi, who just started running, went out for a just shy of 5 mile run. It was beautiful weather. Slightly overcast and just about 50 degrees... perfect running weather. We kept a decent pace, just a touch slower than I would normally run, but still a healthy 9.5 minute mile. I was talking up a storm the whole way, as per usual. It was great. And it makes me feel even more invigorated to run, and continue to run into the SPRING!!! (If you have not gotten it already, I LOVE spring!)

Day 70: It was a good day. I slept a full 9 hours! I loved it! I went to work and wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off. My Thursday afternoon wine meeting didn't degrade into a bitching match with my "large sour grape" wine distributor and overall things feel like they are rolling along nicely. The weather was warm-ish and misty, but fun to run in. I would have happily taken a longer run, but my younger son was at home alone finishing his homework and wasn't too thrilled about being alone. So, I did four miles in a respectable 35 minutes. And I just enjoyed being out and smelling the rain on the concrete. I know it is possible for more cold to come, but I am bolstered by the knowledge that the winter will have to give up it's fight soon. Thank you, spring! And I have less than 300 days to go!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful sunshine!

Day 67: It is beautiful outside! The sun is shining; the temperature is mild. Running when it is like this is awesome. I ran my five mile route. I love running this route when the weather is nice. I get to see the trees starting to bud and the tulips and daffodils pushing up their greens. I love it! My pace was a little slower than I wanted, but I figure with some more time, I will be back to where I was before winter sickness. I sat on the porch the rest of the afternoon and just soaked up some rays!

Day 68: Another beautiful day in Asheville. I went out to run six miles, but didn't quite have enough on my belly to pull it off, so I cut it short and ran just over five. My pace was good and my feet felt light, so overall a pretty good day. I love this temperate weather and feeling sun on my skin. Someone told me the Almanac is predicting some ridiculous amounts of snow in mid-March, but I am choosing to ignore them and enjoy this spring like weather. Oh, yeah!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Running, running, running keep them doggies running!

Days 60 to 66: I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging about running because I didn't feel like I had anything new to say. The winter weather returned, making for some sloshy, cold runs. But Jacob went with me two days in a row and we did some good hill work outs, which was nice for variety. Then, my damn cold returned, making my energy level sink again, so I stuck pretty close to running 3.5 miles each day. Days 63 and 64 were particularly bad. I really wanted to fall over and fall asleep on the sidewalk. But, I have locked into the ability to run my 5k on autopilot. I think that is mostly a good thing. The sun came out yesterday and our little town warmed up. It was great! Today was a decent run. I did five miles, a little slower than I would've liked, but I did it. I am thrilled with running in shorts! Every end of winter/early spring I get so excited I preemptively start wearing too few clothes... and running is no exception. But it keeps me moving so I don't freeze. I'm hoping in the spring I can reinvigorate my longer runs. I have really fallen off with those as of late. But... at least I'm still running everyday! I think at the end of the first quarter I am going to treat myself to a 90 minute massage. Yep, that's my plan.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Beard

Day 58 and 59: So... for those of you who don't know... there is this James Beard foundation... James Beard, a quintessential American chef, now deceased. His foundation awards top chef accolades to chefs and other F&B professionals... Anyhow, Jacob and Matt were nominated for a James Beard award in the Southeastern category. Professionally, this is the most awesome thing... hands down... ever. Well, aside from winning (which probably won't happen, this year anyway). The point: it gives credence to the hard work that we have been doing for five years. It is awesome, in the true sense of the word, and humbling. There are so many amazing chefs out there... and to be counted...it's... well, I'm at a loss for words. OK, so that aside... personally, being REALLY busy and feeling the pressure of trying to be on top of our game has made my little side project, of running everyday, harder to do. Even harder than when I was sick. I have to find little snippets of time to fit in running. I'm finally feeling well and like myself, but I cannot seem to carve out much more than 35 minutes to fit in a run. Day 58, I ran the 5K as fast as I could because it was the ONLY day I have to go to the grocery store, do laundry and clean my house... all while one child is still on quarantine with the pox. Ok, so that one down... and I SOOO need new running shoes. So, today day 59 (almost 60 days in!!!) I got running shoes, went to the chiropractor and went on a really nice five mile run with my friend Melissa. It was nice to squeeze that in. Snow is on the forecast for the next four days... which I am well over. But, if I can hang in there, eventually, I can get back on increasing my mileage, running without the Ninja Suit, and maybe even enjoy some sunshine.... Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.... It is only March 1.